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'Canals and rivers offer accessible walking routes at all times of year. Aside from lock flights, your path is level and there’s little chance of getting lost! The unfolding scenery of a canal-side stroll also takes some beating. Where else could you find such a mix of wildlife, architecture, countryside and of course, the thing that brings it all to life, narrowboats.'

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'In this comprehensive guide to waterway pubs, you will find: Pubs that are canal or riverside or a short walk within the waterway corridor; Pubs on waterway cruising rings; Many pubs included that are not shown in other canal and waterway pub guides; A developing photo reference of every pub; Pubs that are on or near waterways abandoned or under restoration.'


The 'Full A-Z Listing' provides for each Canal its Name, Navigation Authority (if any), and its (boat navigation) Status: Derelict, Open, Partly Open, Proposed Restoration, Restoration Proposed, Restored, Semi-Navigable, Under Restoration.

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The Inland Waterways Association

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