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The following Colchester Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Walking for Health - Colchester

*Abberton & Langenhoe Parish Council

'Walks around the Parish of Abberton & Langenhoe by our Footpath Officer.'

Description from

Gordon Davis

*Colchester Ramblers

'We have an active walks programme throughout the year with walks on both Wednesdays and Sundays. During the summer we also have Friday evening walks to gently ease you into the weekend.'

*Dedham Footpath Group

'This guide is designed to allow visitors and residents to enjoy the large number of footpaths that exist in and around the historic village of Dedham, in north-east Essex. Many of the views that you will see have been immortalised in the pictures of John Constable RA, who lived in the neighbouring village of East Bergholt, and attended school in Dedham ... '

Description from

Dedham Parish Council

*Highwoods Country Park
Size (acreage)370

'One of Colchester's beauty spots. The Park provides habitats for thousands of different birds and mammals, including woodland, a lake, wildflower meadows, marshes, hayfields, scrubland, and open spaces (ideal for picnics).'

Description from

Colchester Borough Council

Camuplodunum Walk
Distance (miles)25

'The Camuplodunum was conceived in 1974 by Derek Keeble as a 25 mile, long distance route around Colchester's town boundary to be used as a training ground for his then favourite pastime, orienteering.  On the one hand it retains its original objective as a complete long distance path. On the other hand it has been broken down into sixteen short sections between Colchester's radial bus routes for the less adventurous. Whichever way you prefer to enjoy its varied route, Colchester Ramblers hope that you share Derek's undying enthusiasm for our surrounding countryside. '

Description from

Colchester Ramblers

Margery Allingham Walk
Distance (miles)6

Circular walk around Chappel including visiting Chalkney Wood  which holds 'a wide variety of wildlife including deer, badgers and over 30 species of breeding birds. The plant and and insect communities include a number of rare species'.

Description from

Mersea Island Walk
Distance (miles)14

'This is a simple walk around Mersea Island. The northern half is quiet, mostly along the sea wall, with tidal flats on one side and farm land on the other. The southern half is mostly along the beach, with the Blackwater Estuary on the left and beach huts and chalets on shore. Keep an eye on the tide - in some places, when the tide comes in the beach disappears completely and you need to be on the sea wall or you could be in trouble.'

Description from

Essex Walks

Tiptree Footpath Walks

'Regular footpath walks are held on the second Sunday of each month, starting at the Centre, Church Road at 2pm summer / 1pm winter. Details of the route are displayed on the Parish Council window and on the notice board.Tiptree Parish Council are in the process of producing a series of Circular Walks of varying lengths ...'

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ALERT I could not locate Walks information on the Tiptree Parish Council Website at Review; so I have replaced the Link.

Walk Colchester

Walk Colchester is 'a green community mapping initiative. Its main aims are to record and protect Colchester’s paths, parks, woodland and open spaces, and to promote enjoyable, accessible, informed pedestrianism for walkers of all ages and abilities'.

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