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'Explore a whole host of lesser-known gardens and green spaces in the capital with our series of walks and cycle rides.'

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'Around 3% of the land area of England is recognised as common land. On this website you will find a maintained and searchable database of registered parcels of common land in England ... The data is sourced from land registry and other records and was originally compiled by DEFRA ... The information was assembled between 1982 and 1993 as part of the biological survey of common land.'

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'We started the guide as a hobby in 2002, as at that time there were few resources on the internet to help people plan their visits. The first region we covered was Cornwall and by the time 12 months elapsed more than 200 gardens had applied to join ... With over 500 properties on our guide and more applying to join we should maintain our place as a leading resource for garden lovers.'

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'Use our interactive map to view a list of all the Green Flag Award® winners in each region together with a detailed description of the facilities, events and activities at each site.'

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Green Flag Award

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'The main aim of the Parks and Spaces website is to provide a reasonably comprehensive listing of named public open spaces, such as parks, recreation grounds, squares etc, in Great Britain ... The primary source of data is OpenStreetMap ...'

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Mark Goodge

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'The emphasis of the Register is on gardens, grounds and other planned open spaces, such as town squares. The majority of sites registered are, or started life as, the grounds of private houses, but public parks and cemeteries form important categories too ... The emphasis of the Register is on "designed" landscapes, rather than on planting or botanical importance ... Registered sites are not open to the public unless advertised elsewhere as being so.'

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Historic England

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'Ashtead Common is a 200 hectare (500 acre) ancient wooded common with over 2,300 ancient oak pollards located in north-east Surrey. The site has been part of the Epsom and Ashtead Commons Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1955 due to its rich community of breeding birds. It has also been a National Nature Reserve since 1995 due to the decaying wood of ancient trees and the rare invertebrates that live in it. The site includes two ancient Scheduled Monuments - a Roman villa and a triangular earthwork ...'

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Size (acreage)500
Starting fromAshtead Common
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Ashtead Common Local Plan | Ashtead Village Heritage Trail [Leatherhead & District Local History Society]

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'Battersea Park is a large (83 hectares/200 acres) Victorian park, built between 1854 and 1870. It was formally opened in 1858. A major programme of work has recently been completed to restore and refurbish many of the Victorian and Festival of Britain elements of the park. There is much to enjoy in this Green Flag Award winning park including ... a grand one-kilometre riverside promenade.'

Size (acreage)200
Starting fromBattersea Park
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Friends of Battersea Park

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National Heritage List for England [Historic England]

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'Parks and countryside sites in Bracknell Forest ... Ranger-led walks take place around the borough all year round. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people whilst your body reaps the benefits of exercise in the fresh air. For information about organised walks in your area please see our leaflet.

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Bracknell Forest Council

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'Runs along the River Rea from Stirchley to Edgbaston cricket ground. An area with a diverse industrial history (mainly forges and mills in the 16th Century), it is now one of city's five premier parks and has been awarded Green Flag status. There are walkways and cycle routes along side the River Rea aimed at catering for wildlife enthusiasts, those seeking exercise and people looking for a good day out.'

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Size (acreage)200
Starting fromEdgbaston
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Cannon Hill Park Friends

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Cannon Hill Park 5km Walk Route [Birmingham City Council]

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'This large Green Flag accredited park is the green heart of the Borough with a large part of the 235 acres covered by a wildflower meadow with hay cut once a year.'

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Size (acreage)235
Starting fromCheshunt
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Borough of Broxbourne

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'Chobham Common is famed for its walks and views. In 1968 the Common was purchased by Surrey County Council from Lord Onslow for £1 an acre. Approximately 1400 acres are now managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust who employ a fulltime ranger complete with a distinctive vehicle.'

Size (acreage)1400
Starting fromSunningdale
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'One of London's largest open spaces, measuring 87 hectares, situated between Clapham, Battersea and Balham.'

Starting fromClapham Common
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Friends of Clapham Common

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'Steeped in nearly 300 years of history, this eighteen-century garden is a green oasis in the heart of Surrey within easy reach of London. Once a Dukes' retreat and a playground for princesses, Claremont has always been somewhere to escape everyday life and enjoy simple pleasures with family and friends.'

Size (acreage)140
Starting fromClaremont Landscape Gardens, Esher
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Claremont, Esher, England [Parks & Gardens UK]

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'In 1861 Parliament passed the Clifton and Durdham Downs (Bristol) Act securing both the same Downs to be open and largely resorted to as Places of Recreation for the Inhabitants of Bristol and its Neighbourhood for time immemorial.'

Size (acreage)400
Starting fromClifton
Description from

The Downs [Bristol City Council]

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'Crompton Moor rises above the town of Shaw, and is a unique and popular recreation site in Oldham. The site is great for wildlife. Birdwatchers can see kestrel, red grouse, golden plover, snipe, curlew, skylark and meadow pipit. There are also foxes, weasels, common shrews, stoats and hares ... The Oldham Way and Crompton Circuit local trails also cross the site.'

Starting fromCrompton Moor
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'This scenic park raises above the surrounding area so fabulous views over the RSPB's Edderthorpe Ings reserves and for many miles into the distance can be enjoyed as you wander round this wild green space. Keep an eye open for the intricate wooden sculptures which celebrate both the site's mining heritage and bright new future as community park. Ferrymoor Flash, a small lake (or large pond) which is separated from the main part of the site, should not be missed when visiting the site because of the fantastic range of wildlife such as swans, shelducks, tufted duck and a colourful variety of butterflies that inhabits this small wetland area.'

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The Land Trust

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'Delapré is one of the most beautiful public gardens in Northampton and its grounds and the gardens can be enjoyed at all times of the year. This attractive area of 8 acres lies in the southern part of the town just off the main London Road, with open parkland of about 500 acres adjoining the Gardens. At the southern end of the Delapre estate lie Delapre Woods. These were originally cleared and planted when the gardens were laid out. Some fine oak, sweet chestnut and beech remain from this planting.'

Size (acreage)500
Starting fromDelapré Park
Description from

Northampton Borough Council

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Doddington Place Gardens is part of a 850 acres Edwarding estate, located on the edge of Doddington village, near Faversham in Kent.'

Size (acreage)10
Starting fromDoddington
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'A seventy-acre oasis centred round an idyllic Stillwater lake. The magnificent scenery invites the spending of your leisure time, whether you're a resident of South Tyrone, or a visitor from anywhere in the world.'

Size (acreage)70
Starting fromDungannon Park
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'The 1300 acres of Elmbridge Commons are a rich source of enjoyment for visitors, providing a superb area for a leisurely stroll, horse riding, bird watching, dog walking and picnicking. The commons consist of a wide variety of habitats including woodlands, ponds and heathland, and are awash with colour. The value of these habitats has led to most of the Esher Commons being designated a site of special scientific interest.'

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Size (acreage)1300
Starting fromEsher Common
Description from

Elmbridge Borough Council

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'Epsom & Walton Downs, famous for its racecourse, is an area of 600 acres of unspoilt downland. From here, on a clear day, the view takes in much of London as well as panoramas of rural Surrey. The Downs are owned by Epsom Downs Racecourse but the public has a right of access on foot under the Epsom & Walton Downs Regulation Act 1984.'

Size (acreage)600
Starting fromEpsom Downs Racecourse
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'Enjoy a cycle or walk through this popular park in Stevenage. There are several pretty lakes with waterside cycling and walking paths to enjoy.'

Size (acreage)120
Starting fromFairlands Valley Park
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Stevenage Borough Council

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'There are a total of 24 individual commons on Gower covering over 70 square kilometres and constituting 50% of the total land area of the Gower Peninsula ... Historically, most areas of common land in Wales have been open for public access with the consent of the landowner. In May 2005 the Countryside Rights of Way Act (CRoW) established common land, mountain, moor, heath and down as open access land where people can walk in some of the most spectacular landscapes in Wales. These areas are clearly marked on Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps.'

Starting fromGower Peninsula
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Gower Commons

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'After years of neglect the magical landscape was lovingly restored and reopened in 1993. Parts of the park and the main walking routes contain several flights of steps, some natural ones carved into rock and some man made wooden ones – these can be slippery when wet.'

Size (acreage)100
Starting fromHawkstone Park Shropshire
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Hawkstone Park Follies

See also

Hawkstone Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes]

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'Heaton Park is a municipal park in Manchester England covering an area of over 600 acres making it the largest municipal park in Europe,'

Size (acreage)600
Starting fromPrestwich
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Manchester City Council

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'Highfield Park Trust was created in 1996 following the closure of Hill End and Cell Barnes hospitals to provide a diverse rural park for the benefit of the local community. The park has many interesting features including parkland with many mature specimen trees, sports pitches, woodland, a Mediterranean Garden with two petanque courts, a maze, rose gardens, ponds and orchards, all accessible by a network of footpaths and cycle ways ...'

Size (acreage)60
Starting fromHighfield Park
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'Horsell Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest ... It includes a Muslim Burial Ground and a number of Bronze Age barrows and protected heathland. The common has thousands of trees. There are parts of the common all over Horsell, isolated from the rest of the common by roads. The common is popular with people from Horsell and Woking Borough. There is a large amount of wildlife on the common.'

Starting fromHorsell Common
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'Every year millions of Londoners and tourists visit Hyde Park, one of the capital's eight Royal Parks. Hyde Park covers 350 acres and is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers'€™ Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.'

Size (acreage)350
Starting fromHyde Park
Description from

The Royal Parks

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'The London Borough of Islington is short of large parks and open spaces, given its status in recent decades as a desirable place of residence. In fact, Islington has the lowest ratio of open space to built-up areas of any London Borough. The largest continuous open space in the Borough, at 11.75 hectares (29 acres), is Highbury Fields.'

Starting fromAround and About
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'Kenley Common is a 56 hectare (139 acre) public open space located in the London Borough of Croydon. It forms part of a larger area of open countryside, within the London Green belt, that links London with the wider countryside of Surrey.'

Size (acreage)139
Starting fromKenley Common
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'The Park boasts a huge variety of trees and you can discover them in a Tree Walk Leaflet. And the Nature Trail with its activity packs brings children into closer contact with – and a deeper understanding of – the natural world around them.'

Starting fromKennington Park
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'Knowsley has four borough parks and 17 local parks and natural spaces.'

Starting fromAround and About
Description from

Knowsley Council

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'Lancashire boasts some of the most exciting and beautiful parks and gardens in Britain today. The abundance of vast open spaces and fresh air makes Lancashire ideal for visiting during any season of the year. Nestled in Lancashire’s spectacular countryside discover a variety of stunning gardens and country parks alongside stately homes and historic landmarks.' Descriptions of over sixty locations.

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'Two parks in one, Malvern and Brueton Parks, are perfectly located in the town centre. With Green Flag Park status, the space offers visitors and locals an easily accessible space to relax and play.'

Starting fromMalvern and Brueton Park
See also

Parkridge Centre, Brueton Park, Solihull [Warwickshire Wildlife Trust] | Brueton Park and the Grand Union Canal [AA Walks and Bike Rides]

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Four 'Suggested Walks' around the Common. Within the Map 'click on the place names to find out more about each area'.

Starting fromMitcham Common
Description from

Mitcham Common Conservators

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'20 acres of peaceful parkland located in the heart of Potters Bar.'

Size (acreage)20
Starting fromPotters Bar
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Oakmere Park [Hertsmere Borough Council]

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'Oaks Park is a mixture of landscapes, including formal horticulture, natural chalk meadows, woodlands and informal parkland. It is much loved by both dog and recreational walkers. There are a number of interesting walks based in Oaks Park and pass through it.'

Starting fromOaks Park
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'If you are looking for a garden to visit then come to Painshill. The 158 acre wonderland has something for everyone and makes a great family day out. Discover the mystical follies, historic plantings, the John Bartram Heritage Collection of North American trees and shrubs (Plant Heritage, NCCPG), and some of Surrey's amazing wildlife.'

Size (acreage)158
Starting fromCobham
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'Some 12 miles of pathways criss-cross Peatlands which is largely level and with no steps. These pathways - many of them originally bog tracks - are composed of a variety of surfaces ranging from broad road-like tarmaced ones to narrow gravel, grass and wood chip ways. Five feet wide boardwalks have been constructed over or around those areas most liable to flooding.'

Starting fromPeatlands Park
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'Opened in 1825, Pittville Park is the largest ornamental park in Cheltenham and features the magnificent pump room and lakes. This park is given a grade 2 listing under the English Heritage register of historic parks and gardens, with the pump rooms as a Grade I historic building.'

Starting fromPittville Park
Description from

Cheltenham Borough Council

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'Since its restoration in 2007 Reigate Priory Park has become a popular destination park for many families living within Surrey ... Beautiful formal gardens, a lake and woodland. There is something for everyone at this lovely park in the heart of Reigate.'

Starting fromPriory Park, Reigate
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'Shrewsbury is fortunate to have its own beautiful, 29-acre parkland known as The Quarry ... The Quarry has been our most important site for recreation since the 16th Century. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy walks, picnic, fish along the banks of the River Severn, or just let off steam.'

Size (acreage)29
Starting fromQuarry Park
Description from

Shropshire Tourism

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'Queen's Park is a fine example of a well-loved and hugely popular city park. The overall aim of the City of London is to provide well looked-after surroundings and facilities to meet the needs of the park's many visitors, remaining true to the vision of its Victorian founders.'

Size (acreage)30
Starting fromQueen's Park
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Park Finder [London Borough of Brent]

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'Set in a valley and very much a part of the Yorkshire countryside, the garden has a wide variety of growing landscapes, from running and still water to woodland and wildflower meadows.'

Size (acreage)68
Starting fromRHS Harlow Carr
Description from

Royal Horticultural Society

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'There's always something exciting going on in the garden, from woodland walks and gardening workshops to fun family events.'

Size (acreage)360
Starting fromRettendon
Description from

Royal Horticultural Society

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Views of 'Full' Record1703

'Rosemoor Garden is an internationally renowned collection of gardens in North Devon, England.'

Size (acreage)65
Starting fromRHS Rosemoor
Description from

Royal Horticultural Society

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'Wisley is now a large and diverse garden covering 240 acres (971,000 m²). In addition to numerous formal and informal decorative gardens, several glasshouses and an extensive arboretum, it includes small scale "model gardens" which are intended to show visitors what they can achieve in their own gardens, and a trials field where new cultivars are assessed.'

Starting fromWisley
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'Every year millions of Londoners and tourists visit Richmond Park, the largest of the capital's eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London ...'

Navigate the Website>>> Download a detailed map of the Park [PDF]
Starting fromRichmond Park
Description from

The Royal Parks

Visits to the Website862
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'Its historical and peaceful grounds have earned many awards such as Green Flag and Britain's best park. Some of its facilities include ornamental and woodland gardens, a boating lake, bowling greens, play areas, a maze, educational centre and of course the stunning Saltwell Tower.'

Size (acreage)55
Starting fromSaltwell Park
Walks described here by
See also

Friends of Saltwell Park | Saltwell Park [Gateshead Council]

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'An independent self financing rural Park in Hertfordshire that is free to use. Once a private Estate known as Porters Park, then a site of a Mental Hospital, Shenley Park is now a unique self-funding Park for all. The Park is steeped in history and hosts an Orchard, Meadow, Woodland walks, Historic buildings and an amazing 2 acre landscaped Walled Garden with an amphitheatre ... Shenley Park is also situated at a mid way point on the Timberland Trail. This is a 10.5 mile trail between Borehamwood and St.Albans.'

Navigate the Website>>> Walks Leaflet [PDF]
Starting fromShenley
Description from

Shenley Park Trust

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Views of 'Full' Record1715

'Stanmore Common is the open space in Harrow with the greatest sense of wildness. Visitors feel that they could get lost in the network of winding paths. This sense of remoteness is valued by many visitors but discourages others. The paths can be muddy so except in the height of summer visitors should wear stout shoes or boots.'

Navigate the Website>>> Link to PDF with more details about Stanmore Common
Starting fromStanmore Common
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'Over 200 acres are now a paradise for the explorer, wildlife, plant lover and garden romantic. Victorian Productive Gardens and Pleasure Grounds beckon, along winding paths laid out over two centuries ago. The Jungle takes you on a sub-tropical journey through bamboo tunnels and under majestic tree ferns, giant rhubarb and bananas whilst the estate reveals a lost world of traditional and rare breeds, wildlife and ancient woodlands.'

Size (acreage)200
Starting fromMevagissey
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'With 92 hectares (221 acres), Tooting Common is the largest of our open spaces. The common is managed with the aim of keeping much of its natural character ... Tooting Bec Common and Tooting Graveney Common, together with Streatham Green are the remains of common land that once stretched as far as Mitcham. An avenue of trees marks the former boundary line between the two commons, now to all intents and purposes one.'

Size (acreage)240
Starting fromTooting
Description from

Wandsworth Council

See also

Tooting Common [London Parks & Gardens Trust] | Friends of Tooting Common

Visits to the Website572
Views of 'Full' Record1217

'Wandsworth Common has many features similar to Tooting Common, including strong involvement from local users. Its 73 hectares (175 acres) contain ecological and ornamental areas, sports pitches, tennis and bowling, a lake (fishing in season, membership required), trim trail and children's playground.'

Size (acreage)175
Starting fromWandsworth Common
Description from

Wandsworth Council

See also

Wandsworth Common [London Parks & Gardens Trust]

Visits to the Website540
Views of 'Full' Record1181

'Waterlow Park is a 26-acre (11 ha) park in the south east of Highgate Village, in North London. It was given to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow, as "a garden for the gardenless" in 1889 ...Set on a hillside, the park is set amongst ponds and offers views across the City of London.'

Size (acreage)26
Starting fromWaterlow Park, Highgate
Description from

Friends of Waterlow Park

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'Wepre Park is much larger than you may expect. Its 160 acres of beautiful and ancient woodlands, pools and glades follow Wepre Brook along its course almost as far as the village of Ewloe, and are well worth exploring.'

Size (acreage)160
Starting fromConnah's Quay
Description from

Flintshire County Council

Visits to the Website814
Views of 'Full' Record1797

'West Ham Park, the largest park in the London Borough of Newham, has been owned and maintained by the City of London Corporation since 1874 and is a Registered Charity ...'

Size (acreage)77
Starting fromWest Ham Park
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'Wimbledon Common is a large open space in Wimbledon, south-west London, totalling 460 hectares (1,140 acres). There are three named areas: Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath, and Putney Lower Common, which together are managed under the name Wimbledon and Putney Commons. Putney Lower Common is separated from the rest of the Common by about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) of built-up area of southwest Putney.'

Size (acreage)1140
Starting fromWimbledon Common
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  206. Luton
  207. Maidstone
  208. Maldon
  209. Malvern Hills
  210. Manchester
  211. Mansfield
  212. Medway
  213. Melton
  214. Mendip
  215. Merioneth
  216. Merthyr Tydfil
  217. Merton
  218. Mid Devon
  219. Mid East Antrim
  220. Mid Suffolk
  221. Mid Sussex
  222. Mid Ulster
  223. Middlesbrough
  224. Midlothian
  225. Milton Keynes
  226. Mole Valley
  227. Monmouthshire
  228. Montgomeryshire
  229. Moray
  230. Nairnshire
  231. Neath Port Talbot
  232. New Forest
  233. Newark Sherwood
  234. Newcastle upon Tyne
  235. Newcastle-under-Lyme
  236. Newham
  237. Newport
  238. Newry Mourne Down
  239. North Ayrshire
  240. North Devon
  241. North Dorset
  242. North Down Ards
  243. North East Derbyshire
  244. North East Lincolnshire
  245. North Herefordshire
  246. North Hertfordshire
  247. North Kesteven
  248. North Lanarkshire
  249. North Lincolnshire
  250. North Norfolk
  251. North Shropshire
  252. North Somerset
  253. North Tyneside
  254. North Warwickshire
  255. North West Leicestershire
  256. North Wiltshire
  257. Northampton (Borough)
  258. Norwich
  259. Nottingham
  260. Nuneaton Bedworth
  261. Oadby Wigston
  262. Oldham
  263. Orkney Islands
  264. Oxford (City)
  265. Peeblesshire
  266. Pembrokeshire
  267. Pendle
  268. Perthshire
  269. Peterborough
  270. Plymouth
  271. Poole
  272. Portsmouth
  273. Preston
  274. Purbeck
  275. Radnorshire
  276. Reading
  277. Redbridge
  278. Redcar Cleveland
  279. Redditch
  280. Reigate Banstead
  281. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  282. Ribble Valley
  283. Richmond upon Thames
  284. Richmondshire
  285. Rochdale
  286. Rochford
  287. Ross-shire Cromartyshire
  288. Rossendale
  289. Rother (Sussex)
  290. Rotherham
  291. Roxburghshire
  292. Rugby
  293. Runnymede
  294. Rushcliffe
  295. Rushmoor
  296. Rutland
  297. Ryedale
  298. Salford
  299. Salisbury
  300. Sandwell
  301. Scarborough
  302. Sedgemoor
  303. Sefton
  304. Selby
  305. Selkirkshire
  306. Sevenoaks
  307. Sheffield
  308. Shepway
  309. Shetland Islands
  310. Shrewsbury
  311. Slough
  312. Solihull
  313. South Ayrshire
  314. South Bucks
  315. South Cambridgeshire
  316. South Derbyshire
  317. South Gloucestershire
  318. South Hams
  319. South Herefordshire
  320. South Holland
  321. South Kesteven
  322. South Lakeland
  323. South Lanarkshire
  324. South Norfolk
  325. South Northamptonshire
  326. South Oxfordshire
  327. South Ribble
  328. South Shropshire
  329. South Somerset
  330. South Staffordshire
  331. South Tyneside
  332. Southampton
  333. Southend-on-Sea
  334. Southwark
  335. Spelthorne
  336. St Albans
  337. St Edmundsbury
  338. St Helens
  339. Stafford (Borough)
  340. Staffordshire Moorlands
  341. Stevenage
  342. Stirling
  343. Stockport
  344. Stockton-on-Tees
  345. Stoke-on-Trent
  346. Stratford-on-Avon
  347. Stroud
  348. Suffolk Coastal
  349. Sunderland
  350. Surrey Heath
  351. Sutherland
  352. Sutton
  353. Swale
  354. Swansea
  355. Swindon
  356. Tameside
  357. Tamworth
  358. Tandridge
  359. Taunton Deane
  360. Teignbridge
  361. Telford Wrekin
  362. Tendring
  363. Test Valley
  364. Tewkesbury
  365. Thanet
  366. The Scottish Borders
  367. The Vale of Glamorgan
  368. Three Rivers
  369. Thurrock
  370. Tonbridge Malling
  371. Torbay
  372. Torfaen
  373. Torridge
  374. Tower Hamlets
  375. Trafford
  376. Tunbridge Wells
  377. Tynedale
  378. Uttlesford
  379. Vale of White Horse
  380. Wakefield
  381. Walsall
  382. Waltham Forest
  383. Wandsworth
  384. Warrington
  385. Warwick (District)
  386. Watford
  387. Waveney
  388. Waverley
  389. Wealden
  390. Wellingborough
  391. Welwyn Hatfield
  392. West Berkshire
  393. West Cornwall
  394. West Devon
  395. West Dorset
  396. West Dunbartonshire
  397. West Lancashire
  398. West Lindsey
  399. West Lothian
  400. West Oxfordshire
  401. West Somerset
  402. West Wiltshire
  403. Westminster
  404. Weymouth Portland
  405. Wigan
  406. Wigtownshire
  407. Winchester
  408. Windsor Maidenhead
  409. Wirral
  410. Woking (Surrey)
  411. Wokingham
  412. Wolverhampton
  413. Worcester
  414. Wrexham
  415. Wychavon
  416. Wycombe
  417. Wyre (Lancashire)
  418. Wyre Forest
  419. York (City)

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