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The Category Commons Parks Gardens is a subset of Protected Areas in the UK.

* Common Land in England

'Around 3% of the land area of England is recognised as common land. On this website you will find a maintained and searchable database of registered parcels of common land in England ... The data is sourced from land registry and other records and was originally compiled by DEFRA ... The information was assembled between 1982 and 1993 as part of the biological survey of common land.'

* GoParks.London

'Aims to encourage you to enjoy London’s parks, share with the world why you love your park, why parks matter to you, and get involved in your local park friends group.'

* Great British Gardens

'We started the guide as a hobby in 2002, as at that time there were few resources on the internet to help people plan their visits. The first region we covered was Cornwall and by the time 12 months elapsed more than 200 gardens had applied to join ... With over 500 properties on our guide and more applying to join we should maintain our place as a leading resource for garden lovers.'

* Green Flag Award Winning Sites

'Use our interactive map to view a list of all the Green Flag Award® winners in each region together with a detailed description of the facilities, events and activities at each site.'

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Green Flag Award

* Register of Historic Parks and Gardens

'The emphasis of the Register is on gardens, grounds and other planned open spaces, such as town squares. The majority of sites registered are, or started life as, the grounds of private houses, but public parks and cemeteries form important categories too ... The emphasis of the Register is on "designed" landscapes, rather than on planting or botanical importance ... Registered sites are not open to the public unless advertised elsewhere as being so.'

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Historic England

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