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'There are over 400 Country Parks in England, offering great places to enjoy yourself in a natural setting. Whether taking time out, exercising, improving your health, meeting up with friends or learning more about the countryside, Country Parks have something for everyone.'

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Starting fromAfan Forest Park

'Afan Forest Park has 14 way marked circular walks and has therefore become a major walking destination. Our walks are diverse, varying from a one mile leisurely stroll to a ten mile (bring a packed lunch) hike. The starting points for our walks are Afan Forest Park Visitor Centre, Rhsylyn Car Park and Glyncorrwg Ponds Visitor Centre ... We have two walking packs available to ensure that you don’t get lost out on the trails. "Walks in Afan Forest Park" and "Walks in the Corrwg Valley" include information, directions and maps on all 14 walks.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromElstree

'Once in the park you may explore our lakeside walks, nature trails, outdoor play areas, picnic areas and visit 100 Aker Wood. Aldenham is a haven for a wide diversity of flora and fauna and is a great place for photography and wildlife watching. The walks are self guided but take a look at our Wildlife page to see the animals and plants you might find here so you can learn as you explore.'

Description from

Aldenham Renaissance

County (Historic)
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Starting fromCreagán

'Set in breathtaking surroundings you can recharge your batteries and enjoy one of the many walks and cycle trials on the grounds and take in the sights and sounds as you pedal or walk through the open landscape and forest trails.'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)900
Starting fromArrow Valley Country Park

'The largest area of open space in Redditch, 900 acres in size. The park was created in the 1970's by the Redditch Development Corporation and has become one of Redditch's greatest green assets. The park extends over 2.5 miles from Bordesley Abbey in the north of Washford Mill in the south. The River Arrow meanders through the park providing excellent wildlife habitats and interesting walks for visitors.'

'The Way Marked Trails were established under a joint initiative with Worcestershire County Council.'

Description from

Redditch Borough Council

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)35
Starting fromCongleton

'The Park is a great place for a quiet stroll and there are three, mile long routes, to choose from (Lakeside Path / Explorer Trail or Easy Access Trail) whilst a short road crossing takes you into some attractive countryside between the park, Astbury village and Macclesfield Canal with Mow Cop and Congleton Edge destinations for those who wish to venture further.'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)600
Starting fromRingwood

'The miles of tracks offer an opportunity to explore some of Dorset's internationally important heathland and its rare wildlife.'

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Size (acreage)150
Starting fromBaggeridge Country Park

'Baggeridge was originally owned by the Earls of Dudley as part of the Himley Estate and consisted of small farms and ancient woodland along with the parkland of Himley Park. It was later landscaped by Lancelot "Capability" Brown in the 18th century; the landscape is still largely unchanged from the southern boundary up to the Wishing Pools. The whole site remained as landscaped by Brown until 1902 when work began to mine the northern half when pit shafts were sunk and a cast mining operation began ...'

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Trails at Baggeridge Country Park [South Staffordshire Council] (PDF)

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Size (acreage)200
Starting fromBalloch

'One of the finest public spaces in the West of Scotland with fantastic views over Loch Lomond and plenty of things to see and do ... The estate was designated as a country park in 1980, and since 2002 has been part of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.'

See also

Balloch Castle Country Park [Walkhighlands] | Balloch Castle [Wikipedia]

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)6330
Starting fromBalmacara

'Covering 2,550 hectares (6,330 acres) on the Lochalsh peninsula, this traditional Highland crofting estate is a diverse mix of Scotland's most beautiful landscapes. It encompasses croft and farm land, woodland, moorland, villages, coastline, saltmarsh, lochs and offshore islands, and offers stunning views across the water to the mountains of Skye and Applecross.'

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Balmacara & The Woodland Walk [Lochalsh Tourist Guide]

County (Historic)
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Starting fromBean

'Established as a country park in 1992 on the site of a disused claypit Beacon Wood is now a thriving ecosystem home to an abundant range of wildlife and a popular retreat for local residents escaping the hussle and bustle of every day life.'

Description from

Friends of Beacon Wood

See also

Walks for all - Beacon Wood Country Park [Kent County Council] | Beacon Wood Country Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes]

County (Historic)
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Starting fromBelhus Woods Country Park

'A diverse landscape of ancient woodland, grassland and lakes ... A circular walk, set up with the help of the Woodland Trust, follows the boundary of the estate and takes in five public access sites, including Belhus Chase.'

Description from

Thurrock Council

See also

Belhus Woods [Essex Country Park] | Belhus Woods Country Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes]

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)500
Starting fromBlack Park

'Over 500 acres of woodland, heathland and open space, including over 10 miles of well-surfaced tracks and all the facilities and activities you need for a great family day out.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromBolam Lake

'Lies about 9 miles west of Morpeth and is signposted off the A696 from Belsay. It is situated in the heart of the beautiful Northumberland countryside surrounded by historic landscapes and dramatic views. It has lakeside, woodland and open grassed areas for all to enjoy with the attractive lakeside walk being accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)830
Starting fromBradgate Park

'Extending to 830 acres of publicly accessible countryside the Park has a wild and rugged aspect that you do not expect to find so close to the city with dramatic rocky outcrops and gnarled old oak trees, many of which are well over 500 years old ...'

Description from

The Bradgate Park Trust

County (Historic)
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Starting fromBrandon

'From the visitor centre at Brandon Country Park you can follow a number of trails, cycle routes and walks that take you through the park and the surrounding Thetford Forest.' ALERT Website Links changed.

Description from

Brandon Country Park

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)8
Starting fromBrickfields Country Park, Aldershot

'Is probably one of the British Isles smallest and least known country parks (unless you know of one under 8 acres !) Reclaimed from the remains of a Victorian brickworks and clay diggings, Brickfields Country Park is a peaceful, natural park, known only by local residents and a few in the know - and now you ! ...'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromBrocks Hill Country Park

'Since opening in 1999, Brocks Hill Country Park has received increasing interest as a place for informal recreation and now attracts over 150,000 visitors per year ...'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)85
Starting fromBurrough Hill

'One of the most striking and historic features in the landscape of eastern Leicestershire. The well-preserved Iron Age hill fort dramatically crowns a steep-sided promontory of land reaching 210m (690 ft), with superb views. A prominent landmark and ready-made arena, the hill has long been a place for public recreation. As well as the grassy hilltop the country park offers diverse wildlife habitats and varied areas to visit ... Since 1970 Leicestershire County Council has leased this 35 hectare site from the Ernest Cook Trust.'

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Starting fromBurrs Country Park

'Lies on the River Irwell covering an area of 36 hectares of scenic countryside, one mile north west of Bury town centre.'

Description from

Bury Council

County (Historic)
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Starting fromCarnfunnock Country Park

'A network of paths allows you to explore the park and enjoy its sites and sounds. Five waymarked walking trails, of varying length, offer tours of the park's main features. All trails are colour-coded and follow a circular route, starting and finishing at the visitor centre.'

Description from

Larne Borough Council

See also

Carnfunnock Country Park [WalkNI]

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)230
Starting fromEnniskillen

'Numerous nature trails, woodland walks and cycle trails run throughout this beautiful country park which is located on the shores of lower Lough Erne.'

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County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)250
Starting fromCastle Hill Country Park

'Castle Hill Country Park, located on the north western fringe of the city, is one of Leicester's largest and more recent parks ... Established in the early 1980's the park comprises some 250 acres of grassland, plantation and broad leaved woodland. The A46, Leicester Western By Pass divides the park into two linear sections'.

Description from

Leicester City Council

County (Historic)
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Starting fromRomiley

'Relax in the peace and tranquillity of the setting and learn more about the history of the chapel and the legends that link it to 7th century missionary St Chad ...'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromChasewater Country Park

'Welcome to our pack of self guided walks around Chasewater Country Park. There are a huge selection of paths to take around the site and we have tried to give you a nice variety of both difficulty and length ...'

Description from

Lichfield District Council

County (Historic)
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Starting fromClare Castle Country Park

'Situated to the south of the picturesque, historic town of Clare, just two minutes' walk from the town centre, Clare Castle Country Park is a beautiful quiet area to relax, play, get close to nature and learn about Clare's fascinating history.'

Description from


County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)3800
Starting fromClumber Park, Worksop

'Clumber is a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods covering more than 3,800 acres. Clumber Park was once the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. Although the house was demolished in 1938, there are glimpses of its grand past to explore - from the Gothic-style chapel, often referred to as a "cathedral in miniature", you can follow in the footsteps of dukes through the peaceful pleasure ground to the Walled Kitchen Garden, where you can experience sights, scents and a taste of the past ...'

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Mr Straw's House [National Trust]

County (Historic)
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'There are signposted countryside trails and hill walking routes throughout the Regional Park;  they vary in length from 500 m (20 minutes) to 15 km (4-6 hours).'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromColne Valley Regional Park

'Walking is by far the most popular countryside recreation, and is well catered for in the Colne Valley. Facilities range from short circular walks on surfaced paths to leaflets detailing much longer countryside rambles.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromCotswold Water Park

'There are many kilometres of picturesque and peaceful footpaths around the Cotswold Water Park, with the added bonus of it all being very flat!'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromCrawfordsburn Country Park

'With two excellent beaches, spectacular scenery and views across Belfast Lough, tranquil walks through peaceful meadows and wooded glens and a stunning waterfall, Crawfordsburn Country Park provides a relaxing natural retreat.'

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County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)2000
Starting fromUpper Lough Erne, Newtownbutler

'Located on the shores of Upper Lough Erne, Crom is one of the most romantic and peaceful places in Northern Ireland. This 2,000 acre demesne is surrounded by tranquil islands and ancient woodlands.'

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Crom []

County (Historic)
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Starting fromDams to Darnley Country Park

'East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City councils are working together to create a new country park called Dams to Darnley within the greenspace next to Barrhead, Darnley and Newton Mearns.'

Description from

East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City councils

County (Historic)
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Starting fromDare Valley Country Park

'Dare Valley Country Park is a great place for walking. You can stroll at will in the country park or try one of our three way marked walks.'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)140
Starting fromDaventry Country Park

'There are circular, way marked and hard-surfaced trails through woodlands, meadows and close to the reservoir with wheelchair accessible bird hides to stop and view the wildlife. With its large reservoir where you can feed the ducks, adventure playground, numerous picnic spots, nature trail and a wealth of wildlife, Daventry Country Park is a great family day out.'

Description from

Daventry District Council

County (Historic)
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Starting fromDouglas

'Generations of Douglas residents have enjoyed both the formal walks in the Policies and those further afield – Pagie Hill and Windrow Wood as well as rambling over the Estate’s moorlands. In 2006 a joint scheme, developed in conjunction with the DVRAP (Douglas Valley Rural Activity Partnership), created an all weather path in the Policies around the Stable Lake - which is enjoyed by young and old alike at all times of the year.'

Description from

Douglas & Angus Estates

County (Historic)
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Starting fromDurlston Country Park

'Few places in Britain equal Durlston: The bare statistics merely hint at the amazing diversity of wildlife: 33 species of breeding butterfly, over 250 species of bird recorded, 500 wildflowers, 500 moths and thousands of other invertebrates. Durlston's special qualities stem from a combination of geography, geology, history and careful management which has created a mosaic of nationally important wildlife habitats: sea-cliffs, downs, ancient meadows, hedgerows, woodland, and dry-stone walls each with their characteristic plants and animals.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromEast Carlton Countryside Park

'Situated on the edge of the beautiful Welland Valley. The Heritage Centre in the converted coach house and stables houses a display featuring the history of Corby and the development of the iron and steel industry in the town.'

Description from

Corby Borough Council

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)98
Starting fromEglinton Country Park

'Within the Park there is an extensive bridle path network extending to around 11 km. Of this route a shared paths makes up about 5 km of the route on which riders must give way to walkers and cyclists. The track meanders pleasantly beside fields and woodlands ... The area is crisscrossed with paths and bridleways which allow you to get closer to the natural world.'

Description from

North Ayrshire Council

See also

Eglinton Country Park [Wikipedia] | Irvine and Kilwinning New Town Trail [Ayrshire Paths]

County (Historic)
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Starting fromEly

'To help you get the most out of your visit, special waymarkers have been placed around the Country Park marking out two trails which will help you to discover some spectacular views and wildlife of international importance. The walks called Kingfisher (long trail) and Bulrush (short trail) highlight the best of the natural fen landscape including the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) where you can test your bird spotting skills ...'

See also

ELY Wildspace

County (Historic)
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Starting fromEmberton Country Park

'Close to the village of Emberton and the market town of Olney, the Park is ideally located between the counties of Bucks, Northants and Beds. There is easy access from J14 of the M1 and close by is the new city of Milton Keynes. The park opened in 1965.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromFairlop Waters, Barkingside

'Accessible pathways for all to enjoy a walk through the country park year round as well as a network of natural routes allowing you to get closer to the wildlife.'

County (Historic)
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Starting fromFord and Etal

'Ford and Etal Estates boasts some of the most beautiful and accessible countryside in Northumberland which can be explored along the many quiet lanes, footpaths and bridleways around the area – all well waymarked.'

See also

Ford Moss [Northumberland Wildlife Trust]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1362
Navigate the Website>>> Forest Way Country Park [PDF]
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Starting fromEast Grinstead

'The Forest Way is a linear Country Park providing walking, cycling, horse riding and the quiet enjoyment of the countryside. It runs for around 16 km from East Grinstead to Groombridge. Major improvements to the track surface in 2002 led to its inclusion in the Sustrans National Cycle Network. To the west of East Grinstead, the cycle route continues as the Worth Way along the disused section of line to Three Bridges. In addition, there are as yet unrealised plans to link the Forest Way from Groombridge with the Cuckoo Trail, another trail following the route of a disused railway line, which runs from Heathfield to Hampden Park near Eastbourne.

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County (Historic)
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Starting fromFryent Country Park

Fryent Country Park 'is 103 hectares of traditional countryside. This vast woodland is surrounded by suburbia, and bisected through the middle by Fryent Way. It is a beautiful open space, perfect for long, country walks. It hosts a number of delightful walking trails for all generations to enjoy, and take in the magnificent scenery. Take the kids to collect bark, play in the trees and feed the ponies'.

Description from


See also

Fryent Country Park (including Barn Hill Open Space) [London Parks & Gardens Trust]

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)240
Starting fromGedling Country Park

'Gedling Country Park opened in style with a special community day launch on Saturday 28 March 2015 ... There are multiple paths that weave their way through the woodlands and grasslands that make up the rich flora and fauna within the country park. It has a rich diversity of wildlife, mining heritage and green credentials along with a network of paths, trails and viewpoints that creates a destination to be proud of. ...'

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)387
Starting fromHadleigh Country Park

'Overlooking the Thames Estuary, near Southend on Sea, Hadleigh Country Park offers unrivalled opportunities for countryside recreation and wildlife watching, as well as magnificent views over the estuary to Kent. Extending to 152 hectares (387 acres) it is one of the largest country parks in Essex and comprises an intimate mix of woodland, pasture, hay meadow and marsh with old hedgerows and ponds.'

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County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)250
Starting fromHaigh Hall, Golf & Country Park

'Once the home of Earls and Lords, Haigh Hall is surrounded by 250 acres of park and woodland ... with spectacular views across the Douglas Valley to the Welsh hills ... Explore and enjoy the stunning parkland, woodland and plantations ...' ALERT The original Title and Link used here seem no longer to be available (nor descriptions of the three Trails - though you might still find archival copies on the Web). So I have replaced them.

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1230
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Size (acreage)144
Starting fromHarrold - Odell Country Park

'The Park is situated in the village of Harrold in North Bedfordshire and is open throughout the year. Managed by Bedford Borough Council, it offers 144 acres of beauty and tranquillity. Its main features are two picturesque lakes, river meadows alongside the River Great Ouse, a Nature Reserve and a range of managed habitats.'

Description from

Bedford Borough Council

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)200
Starting fromSkellingthorpe Road

'Hartsholme Country Park is situated in the southwest of Lincoln, adjacent to Swanholme Lakes Local Nature Reserve, approximately three miles from the city centre. The site comprises Victorian landscaped gardens, a large reservoir, woodlands and grasslands. Many features, both natural and built, survive from the original landscaping of the 1860s.'

Description from

Barry Short

See also

Hartsholme Country Park [GPS Cycle and Walking Routes] | The Historical Walk

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)3000
Starting fromColdstream

'There are a number of way marked Estate walks (Crooks Walk, Lake Walk, Dundock Walk, Riverside Walk, Dunglass Walk) around the Estate Policies.'

Description from

Douglas & Angus Estates

County (Historic)
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Size (acreage)70
Starting fromHolly Hill Woodland Park

Holly Hill 'is spread over 70 acres of woodland, with more than 5 acres of lakes. This lovely location provides plenty of space for leisurely walks all year and picnics, with ample car parking and easy access for persons with disabilities'. ALERT Links changed.

Description from

Fareham Borough Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1624
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Starting fromHorton Country Park

'Horton Country Park Local Nature Reserve is situated in Surrey, within the borough of Epsom and Ewell, and it's open all year round.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1176
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Size (acreage)573
Starting fromHucking

'This large and engaging site offers a mix of ancient woodland, new tree planting and open grassland; together with a wealth of archaeological gems, wonderful walks, interesting wildlife and breath-taking views - set in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.'

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1854
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Size (acreage)440
Starting fromItchen Valley Country Park

'A laminated copy of our Trail Guide can be purchased from the Visitor Centre for 60p. Alternatively, you may wish to download a copy of the Trail Guide yourself. The Meadows Nature Trail is approximately 2 miles long ... The Play Trail is a short walk for the children ... For a longer walk, try out the 2-mile (approx) Totem Trail ... Our 1-mile Forest Trail is accessible by all ...'

Description from

Eastleigh Borough Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record669
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Size (acreage)40
Starting fromKenilworth

'The Kenilworth to Berkswell Greenway is a linear Country Park set in the beautiful South Warwickshire countryside. The site forms a 6.5 kilometres section of former railway, with the entire park extending to some 16 hectares ... The Greenway provides opportunities for enthusiasts from all sections of society, including walkers, athletes, cyclists, horse riders, educationalists, life scientists, geologists and industrial archaeologists.'

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1302
Visits to the Website758
Size (acreage)600
Starting fromKingsbury Water Park

'So much to see and do at Warwickshire's premier waterside attraction! Kingsbury Water Park has 15 lakes situated in over 600 acres of country park. Stroll along the surfaced paths, explore hidden corners, spot birds and wildlife, hire a bike, join an organised event or host your own event. Whatever your idea of a countryside visit is, you will find it at Kingsbury.'

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record2504
Visits to the Website308
Size (acreage)380
Starting fromBillet Lane, Iver

'Langley Park is a beautiful place to "escape from it all", take the dog for a walk, go horse riding, cycling or just walking. Or relax with a picnic by the lake or under the beautiful trees and simply watch the world go by.  With patience you may even be lucky enough to see some of the wide variety of wildlife in the park such as deer and foxes, and if you listen carefully you can hear the Great Spotted Woodpeckers tat tatting on many of the veteran trees. We also have two orienteering trails, monthly volunteer conservation days, walks and talks, monthly social for members on the first Tuesday of each month, weekly Monday Simply Walk for health together with a monthly Sunday one too.'

Description from

Friends of Langley Park

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record775
Visits to the Website453
Size (acreage)524
Starting fromCofton Hackett

'The Country Park has a number of way marked trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. In addition there are a multitude of minor paths and tracks that can be followed. These way marked trails along with other walks on and around the hills are included in the booklet “Lickey Hills Country Park – Great Walks” which is available for purchase at £3 from the Visitor Centre.'

Description from

Birmingham City Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1085
Visits to the Website873
Starting fromLightwater

'An important fragment of the once vast Bagshot Heath, stretching to Bracknell and Windsor. The Country Park area has a recorded history going back to saxon times. The main road linking Chertsey Abbey and Frimley Priory skirted the base of High Curley hill. The area was called "whit heke mere" (white, clear water, surrounded by grass), probably a reference to Hammond's Pond, and the source of the name of the nearby village of Lightwater.'

Description from

Lightwater Village

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1278
Visits to the Website557
Starting fromAround and About

'There are many Public Rights of Way crossing the farmland, which you can walk at any time. The four categories of Rights of Way are clearly labelled on the ground - with waymark discs and signposts - and on Ordnance Survey maps. There are also permissive footpaths provided by local landowners. These are also clearly labelled.'

See also

Wildlife [Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1049
Visits to the Website551
Starting fromLoughgall

'Loughgall Country Park has three main walking routes: [1]  Lakeside route (4.35k) - - - : [2] Orchard route (3.29k) - - - : [3] Bridle route (5.91k)'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1132
Visits to the Website775
Starting fromLullingstone Country Park

'Woodland Walk (2 milles) ... Lullingstone Loop (4 miles) ... Discovery Trail (1.5 miles) ... Short Walks - including routes along the river path.'

Description from

Kent Country Parks

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record2700
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Size (acreage)260
Starting fromLydiard Park

'Lydiard Park is open every day from 7.30 am to dusk (except Christmas Day). There are 260 acres of historic landscape with lawns, woodlands, lakes and pasture. Wide, accessible paths criss-cross the site making it a great location for a walk, run, jog or bike ride.'

Description from

Swindon Borough Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record940
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Size (acreage)800
Starting fromMargam Country Park

'The 800 acres of Margam Park provides a perfect backdrop for a walk in the countryside whether it be a stroll after Sunday lunch or a hike along the Coed Morgannwg Way to Afan Forest Park Country Park, our sister country park in the Afan Valley.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1427
Visits to the Website628
Starting fromMarket Bosworth Country Park

'This 35-hectare park was once part of the Bosworth Hall estate, and still retains its distinct parkland features. Here, there are magnificent, mature trees, a lake, a planted arboretum with exotic species, a wildflower meadow and a community woodland ... '

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1199
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Size (acreage)5000
Starting fromStation Road, Marsden

'Take a walk on the wild side and explore an ecological paradise ... From self-led walks to guided tours there's something to please everyone at our special place.' (Note that this Website - as other NT Sites - is prone to restructuring, but you could try to raise the What's On section ...)

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County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record765
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Starting fromSittingbourne

'Milton Creek Country Park is Sittingbourne's newest green space, it is a jewel, a tranquil oasis for wildlife, hidden from the world by a screen of industrial and residential development that hems it on three sides. The park is open at its northern end to Milton Creek, a shallow tidal inlet running north-east from Sittingbourne to join the Swale at Elmley Reach ... '

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1146
Visits to the Website237
Size (acreage)340
Starting fromCarnoustie

'They provide easy walking trails through woodland and beside the man-made lochs that are the central feature of both parks. The parks are not easy to link with longer walking routes, except on roads, but there is an attractive route from Monikie west for about 2 miles (3 km) to the B978 at Lovehall, just north of Wellbank village. A good country walk, but can be muddy at times.'

Description from

Walking Stories

See also

Crombie Country Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record581
Visits to the Website580
Starting fromAshley Heath

'There are many miles of paths and tracks through Moors Valley Country Park and Forest. You are welcome to walk on any of these paths; however, the best routes have been waymarked.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1204
Visits to the Website432
Size (acreage)170
Starting fromGrangemouth

'An old country estate formerly owned by the Stirling family of Falkirk, the Park is free to access and open all-year round. There’s a lot to do with nature trails, picnic sites, play area available throughout the Park. Visitors can follow the River Avon Heritage Trail around the Park past the historic Avon Aqueduct and see the relics of bygone industry and farming.'

Description from

Falkirk Community Trust

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1154
Visits to the Website660
Starting fromPeterborough

'The diversity of Nene Park makes it a special place. The variety of habitats from woodlands and meadow through to lakes and waterways creates a haven for wildlife. The distinct areas which form Nene Park are connected by the River Nene which runs through them for six miles.'

Description from

Nene Park Trust

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1235
Visits to the Website579
Size (acreage)135
Starting fromKillaloo

'There are over 7km of stunning woodland and riverside walks including a magnificent waterfall walk. For the less able visitors, there is also a meadow walk which offers easy access walking.'

Walks described here by
County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1081
Visits to the Website546
Size (acreage)80
Starting fromBushbury

'There are many informal walks through the country park and opportunities to view or photograph a wide variety of wildlife, in their natural habitats. Northycote Farm itself is a Tudor farmhouse and is steeped in history. The farmhouse itself is not always open to the public, but throughout the year, it is opened to the public for tours and other events.'

Description from

Wolverhampton City Council

See also

Northycote Farm to Moseley Old Hall Walk [National Trust]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1310
Visits to the Website609
Starting fromPentland Hills Regional Park

'There are over 100km of signposted routes available across the hills enjoyed by over 600, 000 visitors annually. We aim to provide, where possible or appropriate, multi-use paths that can accommodate the varying means by which people enjoy the hills. Making good use of paths too, will ensure the visitor can minimise erosion and disturbance to wildlife and land management around the park.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1674
Visits to the Website589
Size (acreage)150
Starting fromPooley Lane, Polesworth

'There are so many things to see and do at Pooley Country Park. The 62.5 hectare site, one third of which is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, contains several pools caused by mining subsidence, woodland habitats and is situated on the Coventry Canal. Take a stroll along the footpath used by miners as long ago as 1846 and visit the tea room during the course of your relaxing and enjoyable visit ...'

Walks described here by
See also

Pooley Country Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes] (6 miles)

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record2237
Visits to the Website601
Size (acreage)165
Starting fromPoolsbrook Country Park

'Pools Brook, at 165 acres is Chesterfield's largest park. It offers something for everybody with miles of trails, extensive woodland plantations, meadows, lakes, childrens' play areas and wildlife habitats.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record2151
Visits to the Website826
Size (acreage)250
Starting fromPugneys Country Park

'These walks explore Pugneys Country Park, which is a former open cast mine and the surrounding area which is steeped in history - including findings from the Mesolithic people, a medieval road and the place where Richard of York died.'

Description from


See also

Pugneys Watersports Centre and Country Park [Wakefield Council]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1391
Visits to the Website574
Size (acreage)123
Starting fromQueenswood Country Park

'Queenswood is the only designated country park in the county. It includes the arboretum, a 47 acre tree collection with over 1,200 rare and exotic trees from all over the world and 123 acres of semi-natural ancient woodland which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR).'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1386
Visits to the Website508
Starting fromHolywood

'A variety of walks are available in Redburn. All walks start from the main car park. Those who do venture to the top are rewarded with amazing views over Belfast Lough.'

Walks described here by
County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1187
Visits to the Website532

'The Lee Valley offers all kinds of walking in Hertfordshire, Essex and London. There are 26 miles of riverside trails to enjoy and quiet, car-free walking routes through nature reserves and peaceful urban spaces ...'

Views of 'Full' Record1340
Visits to the Website680
Size (acreage)250
Starting fromRobinswood Hill

'Robinswood Hill Country Park is a 100 hectare Local Nature Reserve and country park adjacent to the city of Gloucester. The site is a fantastic resource for people and wildlife with a range of habitats, as well as important historical and geological sites. However despite its close proximity to many communities, knowledge about the Country Park is limited and the site is underused ... '

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1332
Visits to the Website703
Starting fromRother Valley Country Park

'Fresh Air and Exercise Nothing Better ... Here at Rother Valley we have an extensive network of Nature trails and walks which all the family can enjoy ...'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1213
Visits to the Website660
Starting fromRushcliffe Country Park

'Set in the beautiful countryside about half a mile south of Ruddington, Rushcliffe Country Park is an ideal place to get away from it all. With a network of over 8 kilometres of footpaths, grassland, conservation and landscaped areas, the park is excellent for walking, jogging, cycling, spotting wildlife and exercising your dog.'

Description from

Rushcliffe Borough Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1095
Visits to the Website442
Size (acreage)100
Starting fromBubbenhall

'The 100 acres of Ryton Pools Country Park are just waiting to be explored. The many different habitats are home to a wide range of birds and other wildlife. The excellent surfaced paths enable easy walking around the site, and provide access to an adjoining ancient woodland, Ryton Wood (by agreement with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust).'

Walks described here by
County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1175
Navigate the Website>>> Samphire Hoe Walking Guide [PDF]
Visits to the Website700
Starting fromSamphire Hoe

'Samphire Hoe is an amazing place. There is something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and wildlife: a stunning location and outstanding scenery, peace and quiet, walks, wildflowers, birds, sea angling and picnics. And the further you go from the car park, the wilder the site becomes. This tranquil setting never fails to impress, with many visitors coming back time and time again. In 2013, more than 80,000 visitors explored the nature reserve. Most of the Hoe is accessible for wheelchair and pushchairs and there is a recommended route sign posted "Front path" and "West shore".'

Description from

Eurotunnel and Kent County Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1289
Visits to the Website658
Starting fromSandringham Estate

'In 1968 an area of 142 hectares of The Queen's private Estate at Sandringham was designated a Country Park. It has been enlarged since then so that today nearly 243 hectares are available for visitors to enjoy. The Park is open every day, there is no charge for entry and parking is also free ... '

Description from

The Sandringham Estate

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1136
Navigate the Website>>> Walking in Sandwell Valley
Visits to the Website735
Size (acreage)660
Starting fromSandwell Valley Country Park

'Finding somewhere for a quiet walk is easy in Sandwell Valley Country Park whether you are a keen rambler or just want to go for a walk with the dog or family. There are 660 acres to walk round and you can go for a quiet stroll in pleasant surroundings through woods, farmland or by pools and streams.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1793
Visits to the Website596
Size (acreage)600
Starting fromShipley Country Park

'First time visitors to Shipley Park, entering the park through the sprawling Heanor Gate Industrial Estate, begin to doubt that an attractive country park lies ahead and think they have taken a wrong turn. Suddenly Shipley Park is entered, the noise of industry is silenced and an area of wooded parkland, hills, lakes, trails and an abundance of wildlife stretches out in front of you ...'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1477
Visits to the Website803
Starting fromShorne Wood

'One of the most popular country parks in Kent, Shorne Woods Country Park offers everything you need to spend a day enjoying the great outdoors.'

Description from

Kent County Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1565
Visits to the Website565
Size (acreage)2000
Starting fromSmithills Hall

'Covers more than 2,000 acres and extends from the Hall to Winter Hill. It is owned by Bolton Council and much of the land is leased to local farmers (including Smithills Open Farm). There are plenty of public footpaths and spaces though. One area is the Ravenden Plantation, a wooded valley leading down as far as Moss Bank Way ...'

Description from

Visit North West

See also

Smithills Country Park [GPS Cycle & Walking Routes]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record2023
Visits to the Website915
Starting fromSomerset Riverside Park

'Somerset Riverside Park offers a wide network of explorable paths.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1344
Visits to the Website540
Starting fromSouth Norwood Country Park

'Large man-made lake with adjacent fields, meadows and trees.'

See also

Grace and Favour in Norwood [AA Walks and Bike Rides]

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1585
Visits to the Website721
Size (acreage)500
Starting fromSt Ives Estate, Bingley

'A wonderful Country Park with woodlands, open moor, and a wildflower meadow, and paths throughout ... This Park needs to be explored and should not to be missed!'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1129
Visits to the Website534
Size (acreage)220
Starting fromStadt Moers Country Park

'Stadt Moers Country Park is the largest park in the borough of Knowsley. It is approximately 220 acres and is split into 4 quadrants.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1188
Visits to the Website737
Starting fromStalybridge Country Park

'Looking for quiet riverside walks, or wooded valleys? Maybe it's wild open moorland you desire. You can find it all at Stalybridge Country Park ... '

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1298
Visits to the Website646
Starting fromStrathclyde Country Park

'Close to the industrial centres of Scotland, the park lies in 400 hectares of countryside in the valley of the River Clyde, between Junctions five and six of the M74 motorway. Mature woodlands, rough wetlands, wildlife refuges and neat open parkland all surround Strathclyde Loch, the focal point for many of the park activities.'

Description from

North Lanarkshire Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1199
Visits to the Website777
Starting fromMears Ashby

'Offers meadowland and lakeside walks, with a small arboretum of exotic trees and Edwardian buildings still surviving from its past role as a water supply reservoir with a water works heritage trail to guide you round.'

Walks described here by
County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1301
Navigate the Website>>> Find Us >>> Download the Talkin Tarn Map and Guide [PDF]
Visits to the Website568
Size (acreage)165
Starting fromBrampton

'The Tarn has a 1.3mile circular path that is ideal for a gentle stroll. This path is hard-surfaced and accessible to all. There are also three way marked trails of varying lengths: 1.5km, 2.5km, 3.5km, starting from the car park and leading into woods and fields.'

Description from

Carlisle City Council

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1093
Visits to the Website1143
Size (acreage)120
Starting fromMucking

'A stunning and innovative visitor centre built on a former landfill site, with superb views over Mucking Flats SSSI and the Thames Estuary (SPA). Footpaths and cycle ways in 120 acres of nature park, which will expand to 845 acres. Great birdwatching - and ship watching.'

County (Historic)
Views of 'Full' Record1676

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