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The following Elmbridge Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Walking for Health - Elmbridge

*Claremont Landscape Garden
Size (acreage)140

'Steeped in nearly 300 years of history, this eighteen-century garden is a green oasis in the heart of Surrey within easy reach of London. Once a Dukes' retreat and a playground for princesses, Claremont has always been somewhere to escape everyday life and enjoy simple pleasures with family and friends.'

Description from

National Trust

*Elmbridge Commons
Size (acreage)1300

'The 1300 acres of Elmbridge Commons are a rich source of enjoyment for visitors, providing a superb area for a leisurely stroll, horse riding, bird watching, dog walking and picnicking. The commons consist of a wide variety of habitats including woodlands, ponds and heathland, and are awash with colour. The value of these habitats has led to most of the Esher Commons being designated a site of special scientific interest.'

Description from

Elmbridge Borough Council

*Painshill Landscape Garden
Size (acreage)158

'If you are looking for a garden to visit then come to Painshill. The 158 acre wonderland has something for everyone and makes a great family day out. Discover the mystical follies, historic plantings, the John Bartram Heritage Collection of North American trees and shrubs (Plant Heritage, NCCPG), and some of Surrey's amazing wildlife.'

Elmbridge Riverside Audio Trail
Distance (miles)1

'Liquid History is a self guided audio trail along one of the most picturesque stretches of the River Thames near Hampton Court. The trail contains original interviews with people who have lived and worked along the river in Elmbridge, and is narrated by historian and local houseboat resident Dr Toby Butler ...'

Description from

Memoryscape Audio Walks

Oxshott and Esher Commons Walk
Distance (miles)7

'This woodland walk takes you over Esher and Oxshott Commons in Surrey through surprisingly wild peaceful country, considering its proximity to London and the A3 trunk road. The walk can be shortened after Esher Common by a more direct route straight back to the car park.'

Description from

Fancy Free Walks

Weybridge Circular Walk
Distance (miles)7

'A medium length walk on footpath, towpath and road. Visits the historic Wey Navigation and the Brooklands complex. A flat and easy walk.'

Description from

Car Free Walks

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