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The Category Fenland is a subset of Cambridgeshire.

*Fenland Ramblers

'Based in Wisbech covering northern Cambridgeshire. The title of our Group might suggest that our walks are based in Fenland, however, this is not necessarily true. Whilst we do occasionally walk within Fenland, we often venture further afield into other parts of Cambridgeshire as well as Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, all generally within an hour's drive of Wisbech.'

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'What a place to walk ... nowhere else in Britain can you see such huge skies, such wonderful dawns and sunsets. Try one of our Town Trails ...'

Chatteris Circular Walk
Distance (miles)5

'Chatteris is a thriving Fenland town with many local shops and businesses. The town still celebrates its histtory with an annual History Festival and is the place to be at Christmas for the famous and splendid Chatteris Christmas lights.'

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March Town Trails
Distance (miles)5

'Two walks – the Town Trail and the Riverside Trail - both of which highlight the older more interesting buildings in March and the stories behind them.  The two trails may be linked to form a single walk.' ALERT The Fens Museum Partnership Website itself seems no longer.

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Fens Museum Partnership

Wisbech Merchants Audio Trail
Distance (miles)2

'Plug in your headphones and join us for this leisurely walk around Wisbech. Our entertaining guide will bring to life the many famous characters of this town and tell you why Wisbech became one of the most prosperous ports in the country during the 18th and 19th centuries. We will look at all the best that Wisbech has to offer, starting outside the Tourist Information Centre.'

Woodman's Way
Distance (miles)7

'All is not what it seems in the Fens, often portrayed as a land of fog, mist and marsh. Distant horizons blend into immense and changing skies which once looked down onto the wooded islands of March and Wimblington. This walk will take you through these "woods" recognised now by local place names - Eastwood, Linwood, Hatchwood and Coneywood.'

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