Isles of Scilly

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'The AONB walks leaflets describe various walks in and around the Islands with points of interest to be seen along the way. They are available for sale at the Tourist Information Centre and at various other outlets across the Islands.'


'If it's wild and wonderful on St. Agnes, Bryher, St. Martin's or St. Mary's it is probably cared for by The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust ... '


'The terraced sub-tropical Abbey Garden is home to a spectacular collection of 20,000 plants from more than 80 countries.'

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Tresco Estate


'In October, we welcome Wild Scilly, (previously Walk Scilly Weekend) ... This is the time of year to enjoy Scilly’s incredible autumnal hues, migrating birds and wildlife, as well as our stunning coastlines and landscapes, fields of budding narcissi and swathes of empty spaces.' The Walk Scilly Festival itself has usually been held Early April.


'Offers guided walks, boat trips, slide shows and short break holidays to introduce you to the archaeology and history of the Isles of Scilly, a group of islands 28 miles off Land's End, Cornwall, England.'

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Katharine Sawyer

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Isles of Scilly Discovery [Dr Tom Greeves]

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'St Mary's is the largest of the Isles of Scilly and has the islands' capital, Hugh Town. Hugh Town occupies the low area of the island and has sandy beaches on both sides. To the east the main island has a mixture of rocky cliffs and sandy beaches whilst to the west the Garrison is mostly rocky, with a garrison wall running around it.'

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