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'The LDWA is an Association of people with the common interest of walking long distances in rural, mountainous or moorland areas. By joining the LDWA, you will meet other like-minded long distance walkers and gain access to information on walking events and long distance walking routes all over the UK.'



'The LDWA is the only organisation to have collated the details of every known long distance path in the UK ... What constitutes a "long distance"? We list as "main routes" on this site walking routes that are 20 miles or more in length and are mainly off-road. Some shorter routes are also covered as main routes where they have some strategic significance, such as linking two other main routes, or if they are the only routes available in an area. We also list local networks promoted as a whole, providing long distance options when linked.'



'Maps are available both in paper and in digital forms.You can buy maps online from this site and maps are listed on each long distance path (LDP) route's page and walking event page with direct "buy online" links ...'

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