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'Fresh Air and Exercise Nothing Better ... Here at Rother Valley we have an extensive network of Nature trails and walks which all the family can enjoy ...'


Access to details of Rotherham's Parks, Woodlands and Nature Reserves


'Offers walks throughout the stunning Peak District and beyond in good company ... We are an independent club with a membership of approximately 150 people, the cost a mere £6 annually. We welcome new members as they are the way forward and also ensure that the Club continues to thrive.'


Rotherham Parish & Town Councils 'Modern Parish Councils were developed under the Local Government Act of 1894 where for the first time the Church was excluded from formal participation in local government. There are 8700 Parish Councils across England covering 15 million people and the numbers are increasing particularly in Urban areas. Currently there are 30 Parish and Town Councils in Rotherham of which three are classed as Parish Meetings. Nearly half of Rotherham's population live in a Parished area.'


'The Forum represents the interests of: [1] Landowners - - - : [2] Land managers - - - : [3] Conservation groups - - - : [4] Users of public paths and open spaces'

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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Distance (miles)25

'The Rotherham Roundwalk is a recognised Long Distance Footpath of just under 25 miles ... It starts and finishes near All Saints' Parish Church in the town centre, and may be walked any time. However an annual charity walk organised by the Rotary Club of Rotherham took place over the route from the 1980s to 2014. For some years it became a highlight of the Rotherham Walking Festival. Over the years it raised over £86,000 for local good causes. However it recently became ineffective as a fund raising project and the club decided to put its efforts into other activities.'

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Rotary Club of Rotherham

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