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The Category Runnymede is a subset of Surrey.


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- Runnymede U3A


'This fine river landscape, together with the magnificent views from Cooper's Hill and the various memorials at Runnymede, helps us consider important moments in our history and their meaning today. Our beautiful countryside provides the perfect setting in which to remember and reflect, or enjoy as the mood takes you.'

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National Trust


'Within the Borough there are over 120 public Rights of Way forming an extensive network which encompasses a differing range of environments. Historic towns and bustling shopping centres provide a contrast to the peaceful rural parks and woodlands and the quiet river walks.'

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Runnymede Borough Council

Distance (miles)9

'Here are two walks centred on Virginia Water in Surrey and the dream-like Valley Gardens. One walk (5.25 miles) follows the classic circuit of the lake visiting the Ruins and the Cascade. The other walk (9 miles) takes you into the great open areas of Windsor Great Park, with great views, passing the Bronze Horseman, the Savill Garden and the Obelisk.'

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Fancy Free Walks

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Runnymede & Windsor Great Park [Out of the LOOP]

Distance (miles)4

'Enjoy a waterside walk around the beautiful Virginia Water in Windsor. The lake is located within the wonderful Windsor Great Park and is surrounded by woodland and gardens. A well defined walking path runs around the lake taking you to a number of interesting sites.'

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