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'Walking is a great way to explore the countryside, take up exercise and to get around. Whether out for fun, visiting friends and family or walking to work, there are over 300km of Greenways and 5,145km of other Rights of Way in Derbyshire to help you on your way.'

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'This is the place to locate countryside walks, nature reserves, and parks etc, in Derbyshire and the Peak District, that are accessible to wheelchair users, mobility scooters, pushchairs and buggies. The walks and sites listed will generally be easy going for the able bodied and families who just want a gentle stroll, as well as accessible to the wheelchair and mobility scooter users and families with buggies.'

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Walk Derbyshire 'In Derbyshire there are many great places to walk whether it's in the Peak District or more locally to you.  Check out our comprehensive list of walking routes in Derbyshire.'

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Derbyshire Sport

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'The Amber Valley area offers many opportunities for walkers, horse riders and cyclists of all abilities to get out and about.  There's a wide variety of way-marked routes that include spectacular scenery, quaint villages and fascinating local history.'

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'Group membership has grown from 38 in 1977, to around 190 at the present time. Walks are in all parts of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and it will be noted from our programme that we also go away for long week ends twice a year to places such as Devon, the Lake District, Wales, and Northumbria. Members have also tackled the Three Peaks of Yorkshire and walked the Pennine Way in the past.'

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Starting fromShipley Country Park Visitor Centre, Slack Lane, Heanor
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'Set amongst attractive countryside, the district is served by a network of accessible trails and walks. These walks meander through towns and villages incorporating disused railway tracks and public rights of way. Each trail has its own information leaflet detailing each walk and highlighting the interesting features en-route.'

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Starting fromAround and About
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'The Club exists to promote rambling and walking. Chiefly walks are in Derbyshire in the Peak district, though occasionally walks drift further afield by way of variety. We are open to everyone regardless of status, and welcome new members. Walks are planned and led by various members, and new ideas for walks are always needed, we do not want to get into a rut!'

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'Chatsworth's Park covers about 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) and is open to the public free of charge all year-round, except for the south-east section, known as the Old Park, which is not open since it is used for breeding by the herds of red and fallow deer.'

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Size (acreage)1000
Starting fromBaslow
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Chatsworth Walk [Discover Derbyshire and the Peak District]

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'Our programme contains regular walks throughout the year from four miles upwards and from easy to strenuous. There are walks accessible by public transport and by car. We feature themed walks, evening walks, and rambles for the visually impaired – and are the main contributor to the local Walking Festival.'

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'Put simply, we are a friendly group of people who enjoy walking around the Peak District and Chesterfield area. We are a relaxed and informal group who want to combine walking with other activities including social events and weekends away. Our goal is to offer a wide range of walks and events that best suits all of our members.'

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'Although ... we do many things, what we do most is walk. Hardly surprising with the Peak District on the doorstep. Most Sundays see a day walk of varying lengths and difficulty.'

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Starting fromAround and About
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'Before you join the Group why not come out on some walks with us. Just contact the leader of any walk you are interested in and find out if it is suitable for you and that you have the right fitness, equipment etc. We hope to see you out in Derbyshire ...'

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Starting fromAround and About
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'Derby Arboretum was the first public park in Britain and was a trend-setter in that Central Park in New York was based upon its design! Located just south of the city centre, it's a Grade II listed picturesque park with a fine collection of trees.'

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Size (acreage)20
Starting fromRose Hill
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Discover Derby

See also

Derby Arboretum [Derby City Council]

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'As part of our countryside management work, we have got together a series of free walks and activities which are led by local groups.'

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Starting fromAround and About
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'We are a small, friendly walking club of varying abilities. Our Programme aims to be inclusive, so walks range from about four miles to twelve, with the occasional longer one thrown in for the more intrepid! Most walks take place on a Sunday:- a full day once a fortnight; - a morning ramble on one of the remaining Sundays. Also, monthly on a Tuesday: - a short to medium walk. In the winter, we have a monthly evening meeting, but this is replaced by a walk in the summer.'

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Starting fromAround and About
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'Formed in 1989 to save and improve local paths. We now have 140 members and run a series of regular, all year round, guided walks.'

Starting fromDronfield
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The River Erewash 'gives its name to the Erewash Valley, which has a rich industrial history, and the local government district and borough of Erewash, which was named after the river when the former borough of Ilkeston and urban district of Long Eaton were united with some of the surrounding rural areas in 1974'.

Download from the Website PDFs of about two dozen 'Country Walks' in and around Erewash.

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Starting fromAround and About
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Access to details of a wide range of Great Walks, Guided Walks and Town Trails.

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'Formed as a Findern Parish Council Working party in 1998, initially with four members. Since those early days, we have grown to a Group of about twelve members, some of whom are Parish Councillors. We are a diverse group, we range in ages up to our oldest members who are in their seventies! Some of us have disabilities. We are proud to have a group of youngsters who help us with our projects. Everyone is valued for the skills they bring to the Group.'

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Starting fromFindern
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'Derbyshire Walks, Routes & Maps ... To download our award winning walk route maps you must have a Account and be Logged On'

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'Full route information including descriptions, elevation profiles, interactive maps and GPS downloads.'

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'Established in 1975 with the aim of preserving our local footpaths by walking them, we are forty years old and have a membership of around 150 people ...'

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Starting fromGlossop
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'Melbourne is a very popular walking centre with paths leading into rolling country through the estates of Melbourne Hall, Calke Abbey and Staunton Harold Hall. The town is close to several long distance routes such as the Ivanhoe Way, the Derby Round, the National Forest Way and the Cross Britain Way. Routes around Staunton Harold and Foremark Reservoirs also add to the variety of walking terrain.'

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Starting fromMelbourne
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Melbourne Footpaths Group

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'The walking available from the town centre is excellent and varies from short easy walks to challenging day-long hikes. The renowned and stunning Millennium Walkway within the Torrs Gorge can be accessed by footpaths from several places in the town, and the walkway links directly to 2 local nature reserves, and the Sett Valley Trail, as well as providing a vital link to the Goyt Way ... The 14-mile Trespass Trail (a circular walk starting in New Mills) was devised as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass.'

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Starting fromNew Mills
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Starting fromAround and About
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'Perhaps best known as walking country, the Peak District National Park offers a spectacular variety of scenery and routes to be explored – from steep sided limestone dales to the dramatic high moorlands. There is something for everyone – individuals, families and groups – whether you want a challenging hike or a short stroll.'

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'Whether you are a long distance rambler, a hilltop hiker, a Sunday stroller, a fanciful footslogger or an enthusiastic pedestrian preferring to explore urban or village life, Peak District Walks is for you.'

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Latest Dates 25 April - 10 May 2015 (but not seemingly since ...).

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'If you love the great outdoors, and would enjoy the thrill of walking through some of England's most spectacular countryside with a friendly, knowledgeable guide to bring the experience to life, then our guided walks in the Peak District and Derbyshire are probably for you! ...'

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'Pools Brook, at 165 acres is Chesterfield's largest park. It offers something for everybody with miles of trails, extensive woodland plantations, meadows, lakes, childrens' play areas and wildlife habitats.'

Size (acreage)165
Starting fromPoolsbrook Country Park
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'Derbyshire groups organise hundreds of walks each year for its members. Visitors from other areas and anyone interested in walking and the Ramblers' Association are welcome to join us on these walks.'

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'First time visitors to Shipley Park, entering the park through the sprawling Heanor Gate Industrial Estate, begin to doubt that an attractive country park lies ahead and think they have taken a wrong turn. Suddenly Shipley Park is entered, the noise of industry is silenced and an area of wooded parkland, hills, lakes, trails and an abundance of wildlife stretches out in front of you ...'

Size (acreage)600
Starting fromShipley Country Park
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'South Derbyshire has large areas of picturesque open countryside that is popular with those who want less strenuous walking. For those seeking more challenging terrain, the Peak District is just a short drive away.'

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The Leaflet 'guides you through the Cemetery, highlighting the characters buried and the detailed symbolism on the gravestones ... The Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery are a group of local people who believe that this site is a special place and should be cared for'.

Category Erewash
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Distance (miles)1
Starting fromIlkeston
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'Explore the beautiful countryside of the Chesterfield Area on foot ...'

Category Chesterfield
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Details of over 100 Walks ranging in length from 2.5 to 18 miles: 'Many of the walks on this Website have been submitted by other authors keen to spread the word about their favourite routes. You can do the same ...'

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'Fancy getting fit? Enjoy walking and meeting new people? Join us for a Health Walk in Amber Valley! If you are new or returning to exercise, or are just wanting to get more active, these walks may be just what you're looking for ...'

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Walking for Health 'A programme of led walks across the Derbyshire Dales, supporting local communities to maintain active lifestyles and improve the health and wellbeing of local people.  It's a great way of meeting new friends with the chance to socialise and enjoy refreshments either during or after the walk.  Why not encourage a friend to come with you? We always welcome new walkers throughout the year!'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Starting fromAround and About
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Walking for Health 'Our local health walks provide low intensity walks which are suitable for people of all abilities. The walks are mostly on flat ground with no stiles to climb; the walks last for approximately 1 - 1.5 hours and are varied week by week. The walks are also suitable for people with a range of medical conditions which would benefit from increased physical activity levels.'

Category Erewash
Starting fromAround and About
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Erewash Borough Council

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Details of hundreds of Walks to download FREE around and about a dozen places throughout Derbyshire. ALERT At Review, this Website was inaccessible.

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Over two hundred descriptions of Walks: you can subdivide the List by: [1] Canal Walk - - - : [2] Dovedale - - - : [3] Peak District - - - : [4] River Walk - - - : [5] Countryside - - - : [6] Town or city. Subscription Service.

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'Derbyshire is one of England's finest counties for walking offering variety above most. The county includes a substantial portion of the Peak District National Park and the southern extremity of the Pennine range of hills extends into the north of the county. The county also contains part of the National Forest, and borders on Greater Manchester to the northwest, West Yorkshire to the north, South Yorkshire to the northeast, Nottinghamshire to the east, Leicestershire to the southeast, Staffordshire to the west and southwest and Cheshire also to the west ... '

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'Take a walk along this three hour audio trail and discover fascinating tales of young love and sibling rivalry and how the coal mining industry of the area made the Palmer-Morewood wealthy landowners ... The audio trail contains short excerpts taken from a series of interviews with local people who have knowledge and memories of places along the route.'

Category Amber Valley
Distance (miles)5
Starting fromAlfreton
Description from

Visit Amber Valley

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'Parkland, woodland, river valley and pastureland using footpaths and minor roads.'

Category Derby
Navigate the Website>>> Allestree Circular Walk [PDF]
Distance (miles)6
Starting fromWoodlands Road, Allestree
Description from

Derby City Council

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'The Archaeological Way programme is aiming to develop an 11 mile (18.5km) multi-user trail between Pleasley Pit Country Park and Creswell Crags, to provide a key missing section of the Derbyshire - Nottinghamshire trails network. Phase 1, from South Shirebrook to Poulter Country Park, was opened to the public in spring 2015.'

Category Bolsover
Navigate the Website>>> Arch Way [PDF]
Distance (miles)11
Starting fromSouth Shirebrook
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'The Touchstones illustrate Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The stones are situated on a five-mile walk around the edges of the village. A central Touchstone combines all four elements. A celtic symbol is present on all the touchstones to signify the millennium.'

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)5
Starting fromBamford High Peak
Description from

Bamford Derbyshire

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'Links together those churches in the Dronfield area which have bells. In particular, the towers at Dronfield, Old Whittington, Norton, Dore, and Hathersage.'

Navigate the Website>>> Walks >>> Bell Wall Major
Distance (miles)36
Starting fromDronfield
Description from

Dronfield Bells

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'This walk allows a wider view of the influence and heritage created by the Strutt family in Belper. Starting and ending with close views of the cotton mills, much of the walk passes through farmlands previously owned by the family. These produced fresh meat, milk and vegetables for employees to purchase through the employer to help maintain their health.'

Category Amber Valley
Navigate the Website>>> Belper - Blackbrook
Distance (miles)7
Starting fromBelper
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Our new Bolsover Interactive Trail is available for anybody to follow, and you can download the free mp3 files for your mp3 player. We would highly recommend downloading the mp3 files and visiting Bolsover to experience the sights and sounds of the Trail first hand.' ALERT Unfortunately, the Civic Society Website was inaccessible at Review; so I have merely cited the Bolsover District Council Website instead.

Category Bolsover
Distance (miles)2
Starting fromAround and About
Description from

Bolsover Civic Society

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'A waymarked route from Ashbourne to Derby to celebrate the 60th anniversary (1995) of the formation of the Ramblers' Association. This route follows the general direction of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's march from Ashbourne to Derby in 1745, two hundred and fifty years ago.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Navigate the Website>>> Download the Walk [PDF]
Distance (miles)17
Starting fromAshbourne
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'Over 60 works of art have sprung up all round the Borough in the past few years. From Walton to Whittington and from Staveley to Spital over three dozen artists have used their vision to enhance the environment. And there's more to come ...'

Category Chesterfield
Starting fromChesterfield Borough Council
Visits to the Website759
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'Explores the varied countryside just beyond the suburban fringes of Chesterfield.'

Distance (miles)34
Starting fromBarlow
See also

Chesterfield Round Walk [OpenStreetMap]

Visits to the Website951
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'To be honest, something about the names Crich and Heage doesn't seem too promising. To a walker it's names like Bowfell and Crinkle Crags that grab the attention and whet the appetite. Crich and Heage are two Derbyshire villages, but they are set in lovely countryside in the transition zone between the lowlands of the Midlands and the higher ground of the Peak District. Crich is famous as the rather unlikely location of the major Tramway Museum for the country ...'

Distance (miles)13
Starting fromSouth Wingfield
Description from

Where the paths meet ...

See also

Crich Walk [Discover Derbyshire and the Peak District] | Climbing up to Crich in Search of Cardale [AA Walks and Bike Rides]

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'The construction of the Cromford Canal by William Jessop and Benjamin Outram, partners in the Butterley company, was completed in 1794. It is 14.5 miles long and joined Cromford with the Erewash Canal at Langley Mill ... The canal can be explored from the towpath between Cromford Wharf and Ambergate, a distance of just over five miles.'

Category Amber Valley
Distance (miles)5
Starting fromCromford Wharf
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'The Chesterfield Canal is ideal for walking along its entire length. The towpath is called The Cuckoo Way and is clearly signposted for all 46 miles from Chesterfield to West Stockwith.'

Category Chesterfield
Navigate the Website>>> General Walking Information
Distance (miles)46
Starting fromHolbeck Way
Description from

Chesterfield Canal Trust

Visits to the Website1137
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'We set it up as a joint forum with Derby City Council following consultation with 304 organisations with related interests. It covers all of Derbyshire to the south and east of the Peak District National Park. The national park and the area of the county in the north west around Buxton and Glossop is covered by the Peak District Local Access Forum.'

Category Derbyshire
Description from

Derbyshire County Council

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'The Derby & Sandiacre Canal ran from the river Trent at Swarkestone and climbed through 3 locks to the Trent & Mersey Canal and Swarkestone Junction on the Trent & Mersey canal thence to Sandiacre on the Erewash canal, with a line to Little Eaton where it met a plateway.'

Category South Derbyshire
Distance (miles)14
Starting fromSwarkestone
Visits to the Website841
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'Recreational Route circumnavigating the City of Derby. It has been created to celebrate 75 years of Derby Nomad Ramblers which was established in September 1935.'

Category Erewash
Distance (miles)50
Starting fromDale Abbey
Description from

Derby Nomad Ramblers

Visits to the Website874
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'Access Derbyshire is an initiative aimed at improving countryside access for all people. Our 300km of greenways are predominantly accessible for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and anyone who wants easy access to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.'

Category Derbyshire
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'Contains the routes of some of my favourite circular Derbyshire walks, although some of them (or routes very similar) may be found in the many Derbyshire walk books. These pages are written from my direct experience of each walk; detailing those key points on the route such as; awkward to find stiles, stiles that really belong on Army obstacle courses, and other observations (some times light hearted) that I think may be of interest others; but most importantly of all the always welcome coffee shops and tea rooms!'

Category Derbyshire
Description from

Rob Bradford

Visits to the Website772
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'Conceived by members of the Derbyshire Area Rambler's Association in 1970. The route starts at Derby Cathedral and ends in Edale. Much of the way follows the eastern Gritstone edges. A booklet was published by Thornhill Press ... Unfortunately this booklet is now out of print ... The booklet is available to download ... Please note that the booklet was published some 20 years ago.'

Category Derby
Navigate the Website>>> Download the Booklet [PDF]
Distance (miles)56
Starting fromDerby Cathedral
Visits to the Website662
Views of 'Full' Record1564

'Based in the heart of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, Derbyshire Heritage Walks offers guided walks for small groups around Derbyshire and the Peak District. With over 25 years experience of leading guided walks around many of the key sites in the World Heritage Site, and over 30 years experience of walking the Peak District, Derbyshire Heritage Walks are experts in the history and heritage of the area.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Starting fromAround and About Cromford
Description from

Adrian Brown

Visits to the Website875
Views of 'Full' Record2156

'What's over 3,000 miles long but countywide and free to use? The answer is Derbyshire's Rights of Way Network, made up of rights of way, bridleways and byways ... To view rights of way in Derbyshire please visit the Derbyshire Maps website. Please note that the rights of way information is not viewable at a scale larger than 1:10,000.'

Category Derbyshire
Navigate the Website>>> Derbyshire Maps
Walks described here by
See also

Access [Derbyshire County Council]

Visits to the Website730
Views of 'Full' Record1623

'What makes Derwent Edge particularly special for me are the rocky tors that are sprinkled along the route. These weathered gritstone outcrops form all manner of wonderful shapes, with equally colourful names - Salt Cellar, Cakes of Bread and Wheelstones. It is difficult and even unfair to select favourites, but the walk along Derwent Edge is truly wonderful. It's a good long walk and high enough that you can feel the air and space around you ...'

Distance (miles)10
Starting fromFairholmes Visitor Centre, Upper Derwent
Walks described here by
Visits to the Website381
Views of 'Full' Record1079

'Stretching from Ladybower Reservoir in the north to Shardlow in the south, the walk through the valley offers varied scenery and a way-marked route. Passing through the Peak District National Park via Chatsworth Park and the breath taking scenery around the Derbyshire dales and Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, the riverside path continues to Journey's End where the Derwent flows into the River Trent.'

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)55
Starting fromLadybower Reservoir
See also

National Heritage Corridor [Derwent Valley Trust]

Visits to the Website797
Views of 'Full' Record1701

'Photo guide to walking in the Peak District, illustrated with maps and photographs.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)7
Starting fromDovedale Car Park, near Thorpe
Description from

Snap the Peaks

Visits to the Website1738
Views of 'Full' Record3774

'Runs across north Nottinghamshire, to the Derbyshire and Lincolnshire borders, through the former ducal estates of Clumber, Welbeck and Thoresby which were established using profits made from the region’s industrialisation. The area, between Worksop and Mansfield is still known as "The Dukeries"; follow the waymarking along the trail to link sites of historic and industrial interest, and Sherwood Forest itself.'

This is a multi-user route, described in nine PDFs by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Category Bolsover
Navigate the Website>>> Dukeries Trail. Cycle route Lincoln to Shirebrook via Clumber Park [PDF]
Distance (miles)32
Starting fromShirebrook
Visits to the Website852
Views of 'Full' Record1851

'A new walking route, following the course of the River Ecclesbourne in Derbyshire. The walk starts in Duffield, a few miles North of Derby, and runs for 11 miles to Wirksworth.'

Category Amber Valley
Distance (miles)11
Starting fromDuffield
Visits to the Website883
Views of 'Full' Record2668

'The Five Pits Trail you see today is a changed landscape from the industrial days of colleries and railways. We now have growing woodlands, lakes, meadows and ponds.'

Category Bolsover
Distance (miles)8
Starting fromGrassmoor Country Park
Walks described here by
See also

Pleasley and the Five Pits Trail [Nottinghamshire County Council] (22 miles)

Visits to the Website902
Views of 'Full' Record2169

'The route of about six miles starts from the A6 at Whatstandwell and goes via Holloway, Lea, Dethick, Lea Bridge to rejoin the A6 at Cromford ... It can be done solely in the car or very short excursions from the car on foot can be made.'

Category Amber Valley
Navigate the Website>>> Florence Nightingale Trail [PDF]
Distance (miles)6
Starting fromWhatstandwell
Visits to the Website923
Views of 'Full' Record1651

A new challenge event: 'There will be two routes of 24.5 and 13 miles, to be completed in 10 hours from the Burbage Institute, Buxton (SK044729).' Held Early October.

Category High Peak
Navigate the Website>>> Route Maps
Distance (miles)25
Starting fromBurbage Institute, Buxton
Description from

LDWA - South Manchester

Walks described here by
Visits to the Website657
Views of 'Full' Record1992

'Officially opened in 2012 following a project by a group of residents to celebrate the area's rich heritage. The trail, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other local contributions, provides an opportunity for everyone who lives in or visits the area to enjoy its historical and environmental diversity ... You can follow one of four colour-coded trails, and along each you'll find a number of information boards that describe the characteristics of the area you're in.'

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)7
Starting fromHadfield Hall, Hadfield
Description from

Hadfield & Padfield Heritage Trail Group

Visits to the Website839
Views of 'Full' Record2388

'Walks from the Buxton Line ... Walks from the Glossop Line ... Walks from the Hope Valley Line ... The Six Stations Walk'

Category High Peak
Starting fromAround and About
See also

Transpeak Walks

Visits to the Website823
Views of 'Full' Record1821

'Trail for walkers, cyclists and horse riders in the Peak District. Running from Dowlow, near Buxton, to High Peak Junction, Cromford, it follows the trackbed of the former Cromford and High Peak Railway.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)17
Starting fromHigh Peak Junction, Cromford
Walks described here by
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'The PLACES OF INTEREST section is an extensive guide to any visitor wishing to explore what our wonderful area has to offer. You'll find superb walks, printable maps, guides and information about our gorgeous area.' Details of about two dozen Walks.

Category High Peak
Navigate the Website>>> Walks
Starting fromAround and About
Description from

Upland Solutions Ltd

Visits to the Website350
Views of 'Full' Record954

'This circular film and literature walk takes you to the places visited by Charlotte Bronte that appear in Jane Eyre. You can also recreate the famous scene from Pride & Prejudice "on location" above Stanage Edge and visit the grave of Robin Hood’s sidekick Little John. Explore a Romano-British village, Norman fort, historic church and breathtaking moors on the way.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Navigate the Website>>> Jane Eyre Hathersage Trail [PDF]
Distance (miles)6
Starting fromHathersage
Description from

Village Trails [Peak District National Park]

Visits to the Website572
Views of 'Full' Record3403

'Encircles Kinder Scout and will provide an iconic new long-distance and challenging riding route in the centre of the country. It draws on existing bridleways, the Pennine Bridleway and the Trans-Pennine Trail to establish a 55 mile circular route through dramatic scenery.'

Category High Peak
Navigate the Website>>> Kinder Loop
Distance (miles)55
Starting fromLadybower Reservoir
Description from

Peak Horsepower

Visits to the Website764
Views of 'Full' Record2670

'Join us on the Linacre Reservoir Audio Trail as we circumnavigate the three small reservoirs, passing through an attractive mixture of deciduous and coniferous woodland.' ALERT Unfortunately, the 'Hidden Gems' Website originally referenced here seems to have disappeared. So I have replaced the Link - and amended the Title.

Distance (miles)3
Starting fromLinacre Reservoirs
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'To celebrate the final phase of the Long Eaton Townscape Heritage Initiative, the Council has produced a self-guided walk booklet so that residents and visitors can follow a route to see some of the town's historic buildings – including properties that have been repaired through the THI project.'

Category Erewash
Distance (miles)2
Starting fromLong Eaton Town Hall
Description from

Erewash Borough Council

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'Longshaw Limber celebrates the Centenary of the National Trust. It takes in some of the best that the Peak District has to offer and yet it starts within 15 minutes of England’s fifth largest city, Sheffield ... This is my log of the Longshaw Limber challenge walk. As promised by the route description I found splendid scenery, haunting moorland, old halls, gritstone edges, a famous village and 4,200ft of ascent! The walk was designed by Paul Pugh.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)30
Starting fromLongshaw Estate (NT)
Description from

Richard Briggs

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'Explore Creswell and Whaley Thorns from the Robin Hood Line. NOTE The original Website Link for this Entry seems now to have disappeared; so I have replaced it with the Link above which provides some relevant - albeit more limited - information.

Category Bolsover
Starting fromAround and About Creswell
See also

The Robin Hood Line [Nottinghamshire County Council]

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'Cycle, horse riding and walking trail in the Derbyshire Peak District ... It starts at the Topley Pike junction (in Wye Dale, 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Buxton) and runs to Coombs viaduct, 1 mile (1.6 km) south-east of Bakewell. It follows the valley of the River Wye and runs parallel to the A6.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)9
Starting fromBakewell
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'The MoorLIFE Project produced a series of downloadable audio guides for use as self-guided walking tours across some of the stunning areas which have benefited from conservation works under the project. Each trail consists of a series of MP3 tracks, a route map showing the stopping points for each trail. Photos accompany each trail, and the tracks can be played on a pc or laptop, offering a virtual tour to these moorlands, their history and the work we have carried out under the MoorLIFE project.'

Category Nature Trails
Starting fromEdale
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'New Mills has an extensive conservation area which has contributed to preserving and enhancing the architectural heritage and character of the town's public buildings, shops, and houses.'

Distance (miles)2
Starting fromNew Mills Heritage Centre
Description from

Steve Lewis

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'A 10 mile traffic free path between Long Eaton, Shipley Country Park and Heanor.'

Category Erewash
Distance (miles)10
Starting fromLong Eaton
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'Stretching from the moorland tops of the South Pennines to the gentle limestone scenery of the Derbyshire Dales, the route embraces the urban edges of Sheffield and Oldham, as well as Staffordshire's rugged moorland and the undulating slopes of Cheshire. Follow the route along existing footpaths, tracks, quiet lanes, former railway lines and a canal towpath. Enjoy some quiet and little known corners of the national park. Walk it in day stages or tackle it all in one go ...' Launched in June 2017.

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)190
Starting fromBuxton Town Hall
Visits to the Website326
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'Transition Chesterfield have produced a series of 6 leaflets of car-free walks in the Peak District for people who don't have cars or who want to leave them at home. These have been funded by the Peak District National Park Authority's Sustainable Development Fund, and are supported by Peak Connections ... Please note that some bus times have radically changed since these were first published, so check them before setting out. You can do this by by route number at:'

Category Derbyshire
Description from

Transition Chesterfield

Visits to the Website716
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'An independent group that meets regularly to review and advise the National Park Authority and Derbyshire County Council on improvements to public access to the countryside of the Peak District.'

Category Derbyshire
Description from

Peak District National Park

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'This fabulous and challenging walk is the distance of a marathon but it would be a travesty to run it like an athlete; much better to stroll and take in all the beauty on offer.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)27
Starting fromBiggin
Description from

Adam Gallimore

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'The Peak District has walking for everyone, ranging from strolls along gentle limestone dales with their crystal clear rivers to airy walks along the unique gritstone 'edges' with their wonderful views. At the northern end, expeditions onto forbidding high heather moorland are possible. It's a great place to be, whatever the weather! With the Peakwalking site, I aim to inspire you to pull on your boots, get walking and explore this wonderful little bit of England.' Alert Site apparently not updated since February 2012.

Category Derbyshire
Description from

Neil Tonks

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'Adventure for walkers, horse riders & mountain bikers.  Explore the hills & valleys of the Pennines following old packhorse routes, drovers roads & newly created bridleways.'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)205
Starting fromMiddleton Top Countryside Centre, Middleton by Wirksworth
Walks described here by
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'268 miles of chasing the Pennine Mountain tops along the rugged backbone of England, from the Peak District through the Yorkshire Dales and over Hadrian's Wall to the Cheviots. Amongst the finest upland walking in England.'

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)268
Starting fromEdale
Walks described here by
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'The Phoenix Greenways link the Five Pits, Silverhill and Pleasley-Teversal Trails. You can enjoy these easy-access off-road routes and quiet lanes to visit countryside and local attractions. Many of these trails and country parks were old pits and railways and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, nature is once again flourishing with our care.'

Category Derbyshire
Walks described here by
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'Walk round Buxton passing through many of the woodlands which surround the town. This guide also describes links to the walk from the town centre and from Poole's Cavern Visitor Centre; using these links, the route can be completed as three shorter circular walks, each of about 3-4 miles/5-6km.'

Category High Peak
Distance (miles)10
Starting fromBuxton
Description from

John and Gil Boardman | Buxton Civic Association

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'Enjoy views of Chesterfield’s famous Crooked Spire from afar – and take in some of the pretty villages along the southern edge of this historic market town – in our free audio trail. The trail takes in an 11-mile linear walk from Chesterfield Town Hall to Clay Cross, via Walton Dam, Somersall, Wingerworth and the hamlets of Woodhead and Newmarket.' ALERT The 'Hidden Gems' Website formerly referenced here seems no longer. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an alternative description of the Trail online. So I have merely referenced some information about the Walk from the Ramblers - who may be able to help with details.

Category Chesterfield
Distance (miles)11
Starting fromChesterfield Town Hall
Visits to the Website756
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'This walk could be called Two Reservoirs Walk or just Viewpoints Walk because there are many more viewpoints than the three of the title, including views across both of South Derbyshire's reservoirs - Foremark and Staunton Harold.'

Category South Derbyshire
Distance (miles)14
Starting fromStaunton Harold Reservoir
Description from

UK Walks

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'The Valley is exceptionally rich in wildlife with ash and oak woodlands, charming villages, flower rich pastures and flowing streams; home to the internationally recognised Derwent Valley Mills, the only World Heritage Site in the East Midlands. Whether your interests are walking, cycling, history or wildlife the Valley is the perfect choice for a summer outing or a winter break ...'

Category Derbyshire Dales
Starting fromAround and About
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Runs 'from Parsley Hay (53.1706°N 1.7828°W) in the north to Ashbourne (53.0196°N 1.7397°W) in the south, along part of the trackbed of the former railway line connecting Ashbourne to Buxton. It takes its name from the village of Tissington, which it skirts'.

Category Derbyshire Dales
Distance (miles)13
Starting fromParsley Hay, near Hartington
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