Area: Wiltshire

Starting fromAmesbury

'Series walks are designed so that they may be completed at your own pace.  We do not all go out together in one big group but each walker has a copy of the route and is able to start at any time and walk at their own speed.  This has the advantage that quicker walkers are not held up by a slower pace, and vice-versa.  It does not mean that walkers go off by themselves as there is always a group that will walk at your own pace.'

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromBradford-On-Avon

'Bradford on Avon boasts some spectacular natural scenery together with fascinating architecture. Come and walk around here and we are sure you'll be inspired!'

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromBradford-On-Avon

Usually held Early September.

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Detailed descriptions - with maps, elevations and many photographs - of some thirty Walks around and about Wiltshire: 'This was a total of 597 miles in 29 walks (an average of 20.58 miles per walk)'.

Walks described here by
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Navigate the Website>>> Booklet produced by Bromham Footpaths Group [PDF]
Starting fromBromham

'There are some excellent walks around the village and its surroundings, detailed in a booklet developed by the Bromham Footpaths Group. This is a band of dedicated walkers who meet every Thursday morning and spend a couple of hours exploring and re-visiting our byways and footpaths before returning to a local hostelry for tales of derring-do!'

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Navigate the Website>>> Walk

'Walking Routes ... Rights of Way ... Walking Groups'

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromCorsham

Corsham is a Wonderful Place to Walk 'An historic market town, Corsham is surrounded by beautiful countryside ... In March 2014, Corsham was awarded Walkers are Welcome status. This means that the town is not only a wonderful place to walk, it’s also welcoming to walkers, particularly after a long day’s wandering, with a great mix of pubs and restaurants ready to offer food and drink and a relaxing atmosphere.'

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromCorsham

Usually held Mid June.

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Category:North Wiltshire
Starting fromCricklade

'A Saxon Town, home to the North Meadow famed for its Fritillaries and the first town on the River Thames.'

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromEdington

'Edington is situated on the northern escarpment of Salisbury Plain ... It is surrounded by very attractive countryside which offers an excellent variety of footpaths, many of which offer spectacular views from Salisbury Plain.'

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Starting fromSteeple Langford

'The Reserve has a relaxing atmosphere with good level paths and you can enjoy watching wildfowl from five hides overlooking the lakes. You may even see some rarities, such as osprey. Residents include kingfisher, water rail and gadwall. In spring watch for great-crested grebes shaking their heads in courtship. Reed warbler, waders and terns drop in on their summer migration. As winter advances shoveler and wigeon join the other ducks present all year round and occasionally the endangered and secretive bittern pays a visit.'

Description from

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

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'We organise walks throughout Wiltshire and regularly venture into Gloucestershire and Somerset. We are particularly pleased to see new members, making every effort to make them feel at home, and hopefully take an active part in the group ... Throughout the year we generally walk on the first Sunday of the month, starting at 9am prompt, and generally cover around 18 to 20 miles ... Our midweek walks take place on the third Thursday of every month and are between 12 and 16 miles. These walks start at 9.30am ...'

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Size (acreage)260
Starting fromLydiard Park

'Lydiard Park is open every day from 7.30 am to dusk (except Christmas Day). There are 260 acres of historic landscape with lawns, woodlands, lakes and pasture. Wide, accessible paths criss-cross the site making it a great location for a walk, run, jog or bike ride.'

Description from

Swindon Borough Council

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Category:North Wiltshire

'Located in the south of England, in an area covering 668 sq miles between Reading and Swindon to the East and North, and Andover and Devizes to the South and West ... Uses an embedded Interactive Map to provide a wealth of information from Local producers through to Walking and Cycle Routes. It's easy to turn on or off the layers you wish to have displayed.'

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'Wiltshire Ramblers currently total some 1,300 members within 6 groups, one of which is our young persons group for 20 to 40 year olds. Our groups work towards the charitable aims of Ramblers in different ways, all organising programmes of led walks within Wiltshire and its neighbouring counties.'

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Navigate the Website>>> Things to see and do >>> Explore the stunning Wiltshire countryside
Starting fromStourton

'There are lots of fascinating places to explore in the grounds at Stourhead and surrounding countryside: [1] King Alfred's Tower - - - : [2] Six Wells Bottom - - - : [3] The Parkland - - - : [4] The tenant farms - - - : [5] Our hazel dormous project - - - : [6] Park Hill Camp - a history mystery - - - : [7] Whitesheet Hill - why is it so special? ...'

Walks described here by
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Category:North Wiltshire
Starting fromSutton Benger

'Here we have a selection of walks around the Parish of Sutton Benger beautifully drawn and handwritten by our very own Sutton Benger Wainwright, Norman Davis ...'

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Starting fromAround and About

'Our area extends to the River Thames in the north, Wootton Bassett and Avebury in the west, Tidworth and Ludgershall in the south and the county boundary with Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the east. It includes the Marlborough Downs (part of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the Cotswold Water Park, Savernake Forest, part of the Kennet and Avon Canal and the world heritage site at Avebury.'

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Starting fromAround and About

'We have over 1520 members and over 130 groups giving a wide variety of both academic and leisure activities ... '

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'With around 8,200 paths and almost half the county designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, walking in Wiltshire has never been better. Whether you choose a gentle stroll or want a more challenging route, there is a network of footpaths for everyone. Walking in Wiltshire's peaceful, glorious countryside will show you rural England at its very best.'

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Get Wiltshire Walking  'A Public Health funded project which aims to ensure every community within the county has access to a FREE weekly led walk ... Each walk has its regular starting venue on the same day and time every week. We try to vary the routes each week.'

Description from

Wiltshire Council

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'All the information you need to get walking in beautiful Wiltshire.'

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Fee-based service providing access to details of over 100 Walks around and about Wiltshire. For each Walk there is also information about accommodation and food and drink as well as of other related services.

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'A friendly welcoming young persons walking group that covers Wiltshire and the immediate surrounding counties, for people roughly between the ages of about 20 and 40 ish, though if you are over this age you will be welcome to walk with us.'

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'From the rolling Cotswolds with their quaint, mellow, honey-stone villages and grazing sheep, to the fern-draped combes of the Mendips and the mysterious broad open chalk downlands of Wiltshire, intersected by winding rivers including the mighty Severn, the upper Thames and the Bristol Avon flowing through lush pastures in their valleys, along with the heritage-rich Forest of Dean and a short but extremely varied coastline ... '

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Navigate the Website>>> Aldbourne Circular Route [PDF]
Distance (miles)12
Starting fromNear Aldbourne

'Circular route in the north Wiltshire Downs, just 5½ miles (9km) southeast of the centre of Swindon.'

Description from

The Ridgeway National Trail

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Navigate the Website>>> Avebury, The Ridgeway, West Kennet and Silbury Hill
Distance (miles)7
Starting fromAvebury

'A walk through ancient history on the gorgeous chalk downlands of Salisbury Plain.'

Description from


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Distance (miles)34
Starting fromSalisbury Cathedral Close

'Long-distance walking route that takes you from Salisbury – one of the most beautiful cathedral cities in England – to Christchurch Priory and the sea. It was opened in 1992 and runs from Wiltshire due south through Hampshire to finish in Dorset. The Path is named after the river whose course it follows.'

Walks described here by
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Category:West Wiltshire
Distance (miles)10
Starting fromBradford-On-Avon

'This deservedly popular route takes you over two aqueducts and past the Claverton Pumping Station.'

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Category:North Wiltshire
Distance (miles)9
Starting fromBus stop close to Broad Hinton

The Broad Town White Horse 'There are several accounts of when this horse was cut. The most reliable date is 1864 by William Simmonds, of Littleton Farm, on whose land it stood. The horse was covered during the Second World War and remained invisible until 1992 when a group of local enthusiasts rechalked it.'

Description from

North Wessex Downs AONB

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Starting fromAround and About

'This Leaflet suggests four types of walk within a 10 mile radius of Salisbury. All walks require you to catch a bus to the start point and then you either: [1] Walk from the country bus stop back into Salisbury via footpaths and lanes ... : [2] Walk a circular route (where the walk starts and ends at the same point) and then take the bus back to Salisbury - - - : [3] Walk to another bus route to catch the return bus to Salisbury - - - : [4] Walk to a different point on the same bus route and then take a bus back to Salisbury.' Sixteen Walks described.

Description from

Connecting Wiltshire

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Distance (miles)24
Starting fromSalisbury Cathedral

'Joining the two Wessex cities of Winchester and Salisbury.'

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Clarendon Way [Rambling Man]

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Distance (miles)2
Starting fromDevizes

'Devizes is full of buildings of historic importance. The Trust has placed Blue Plaques on many of them, giving brief details ... ' (Unfortunately, the Link to the 'Town Trail' seems to have disappeared.)

Description from

Trust for Devizes

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Starting fromStonehenge (and Avebury)

'Why not visit both parts of the Stonehenge and Avebury WHS? The best way to appreciate both sites is on foot ... Publications on walks are available from the Stonehenge Visitor Centre shop, at Avebury, from the National Trust and the Henge shop. You can also find an interactive map of the Stonehenge landscape on the English Heritage website and circular walks around Stonehenge on the National Trust website. Find suggestions for exploring Avebury on the Ridgeway National Trails website.'

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Distance (miles)4
Starting fromLower Bemerton

'George Herbert is said to have walked to and from Salisbury Cathedral twice a week. While the exact route he took isn't known, it almost certainly took him across the water meadows. We can still do this walk today.'

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Distance (miles)45
Starting fromBarbury Castle

'Walking route being developed ... along existing public rights of way, through the ancient landscape and varied, stunning scenery between the World Heritage Sites of Avebury and Stonehenge.' Unfortunately at the time of Review the 'Great Stones Way' Website was inaccessible; so I have replaced the Link with one to the LDWA Website.

Description from

The Friends of the Ridgeway

Walks described here by
See also

The Great Stones Way by Steve Davison (Cicerone, 2014)

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Category:West Wiltshire
Navigate the Website>>> Salisbury Plain (Imber Range Perimeter Path) [PDF]
Distance (miles)30
Starting fromBratton Iron Age Hillfort Car Park, near Westbury

'Follows the perimeter of the Imber Firing Range Danger Area ... The route is marked with waymarkers following mostly defined tracks and paths ...'

Description from

Defence Infrastructure Organisation [Ministry of Defence]

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Category:West Wiltshire
Distance (miles)2
Starting fromLongleat, Warminster

'One of three stunningly beautiful places that the owners of Longleat provide visitors for free, the others are Heaven's Gate and Shearwater Lake.' ALERT I could no longer reference the Website originally used here; so I have replaced the Link.

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Category:North Wiltshire
Distance (miles)2
Starting fromMalmesbury

'A guide to an easy 2 mile riverside stroll around the hilltop town of Malmesbury.'

Description from

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Navigate the Website>>> List of Paths >>> Mid Wilts Way
Distance (miles)68
Starting fromMere

'Route that takes in some of Wiltshire’s finest countryside and downland areas and could be walked in either direction.' ... The Route was 'recently extended out to the Berkshire border, yet never straying outside the Wiltshire county border'.

Guide Written By James Alsop

Walks described here by
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Distance (miles)6
Starting fromTilshead

'Discover prehistoric sites and rare species preserved on Salisbury Plain.'

Description from

Discovering Britain

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Distance (miles)25
Starting fromAmesbury Sports Centre

'Walk from Amesbury which follows footpaths to Old Sarum giving good views across Salisbury to the famous Cathedral spire.  The return route crosses the beautiful Woodford Valley.'

Description from

Amesbury Walkers

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Distance (miles)32
Starting fromSouth Newton

'Does a complete circle around Salisbury. The route uses existing public roads, public rights of way and some newly created permitted paths. Some sections of the footpath are waymarked by a metal plate attached to wooden posts which show a picture of the cathedral spire.'

Walks described here by
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Old Sarum Way [GPS Cycling & Walking Routes]

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Navigate the Website>>> List of Paths >>> Pewsey Avon Trail
Distance (miles)28
Starting fromPewsey

'This new (2010) long distance walking route follows the course of the River Avon by linking existing rights of way from Pewsey to Salisbury. In Salisbury the trail connects to the existing 34-mile Avon Valley Path to Christchurch. The trail is accompanied by a walking guide.'

Description from

Chris Cole

Walks described here by
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Navigate the Website>>> About Potterne >>> Walks (and see also 'Walks' under 'Pictures')
Starting fromGeorge & Dragon Inn, Potterne

Based on 'a paper back written by Leslie Turner in 1993, it describes ten excellent walks around Potterne ... The walks are all circular and are well detailed with information and local history ... We have tried to keep as close as we could to the original book while adapting it to the Website'.

Description from

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Category:Boundary Walks
Distance (miles)61
Starting fromStonehenge

'A route around Salisbury across varied downland, ancient woodlands and a number of chalk stream valleys following age-old tracks. Public transport access into Salisbury is available at a number of points as is refreshment, there being 20 public houses along the way.'

Walks described here by
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Category:North Wiltshire
Starting fromSherston

'Since its inception two years ago the Sherston Footpath Group, which is a subcommittee of Sherston Parish Council, has been working hard on producing a new guide to local footpaths. Hundreds of hours of volunteer time have now resulted in the publication of the guide.'

Description from

Sherston Footpaths Group

Visits to the Website823
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Starting fromSwallowcliffe

'Swallowcliffe is a small south Wiltshire village with a population of less than 200. As an agricultural community, it has an ancient history and the Saxon Swealawanclif Charter dates from 940 AD ... For nearly 200 years it was part of the Earls of Pembroke estates. Over the last 100 years, Swallowcliffe has experienced great social change, leaving few people employed on the land. Change is inevitable but Swallowcliffe is still a special place for many people ... There's a great variety of relaxing walks through fields and over lovely countryside.'

Description from

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Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromDevizes

'Do you fancy a great day out and want to make a difference for our two amazing charities? Why not sign up now to take part in The Big Walk ... ? Latest Date 12 September 2015 (but seemingly not since ...)

Description from

Hope for Tomorrow | Young Melksham

Visits to the Website726
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Starting fromAround and About

'Set of four leisure maps that mark circular routes for walking and cycling around Swindon's network of paths. The maps first appeared on the 2009 Swindon Cycle map and have now been reproduced as separate maps to download and print at home ... '

a set of four leisure maps that mark circular routes for walking and cycling around Swindon's network of paths. 

The maps first appeared on the 2009 Swindon Cycle map and have now been reproduced as seperate maps to download and print at home.  There are 3 seven mile circular routes: Haydon Wick, West Swindon and Dorcan, plus a 17 mile Urban Round, that circles the whole town.  The paths are mainly off road and safe to walk or cycle.

- See more at:

a set of four leisure maps that mark circular routes for walking and cycling around Swindon's network of paths. 

The maps first appeared on the 2009 Swindon Cycle map and have now been reproduced as seperate maps to download and print at home.  There are 3 seven mile circular routes: Haydon Wick, West Swindon and Dorcan, plus a 17 mile Urban Round, that circles the whole town.  The paths are mainly off road and safe to walk or cycle.

- See more at:
Description from

Swindon Travel Choices

Visits to the Website869
Views of 'Full' Record1254

Category:West Wiltshire
Starting fromTrowbridge

'The Trowbridge Walking Forum has been guiding walks in the area surrounding Trowbridge for over 10 years. Whatever your age or ability, you can enjoy these walks. They are designed to provide sociable exercise. They are free - you can just turn up and join us ...'

Description from

Trowbridge Walking Forum

Visits to the Website716
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Category:West Wiltshire
Navigate the Website>>> Download White Horse Trail (Anti-clockwise route) [PDF]
Distance (miles)90
Starting fromWestbury White Horse

'A route, originally created by Wiltshire Ramblers with assistance from Wiltshire Council, through Pewsey, Marlborough, Broad Town, Cherhill, Devizes, Steeple Ashton and Bratton providing views of the eight white horses which are cut into the turf of the chalk hillsides of Wiltshire. As well as visiting many other historic and prehistoric locations, passing close to the start of the Ridgeway, use was made of part of the Kennet and Avon Canal.'

Walks described here by
Visits to the Website705
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Navigate the Website>>> Download Leaflets [PDFs]

'Restoring the historic path for the community and nature. Creating a long distance path from Bath to Oxford ... The Trust has produced a number of walks leaflets which you can download ...'

Description from

Wilts & Berks Canal Trust

Visits to the Website976
Views of 'Full' Record2742


A Collection of Walk Routes in Wiltshire and Swindon 'Many of these walks are links to which allows you to search for walks by area and type. Walk4life is maintained by the Department for Health and contains walks all over England. Also you can add your own walks to the collection there if you wish.' Includes: 'Over 300 Walks in Wiltshire: Shown on map | Shown as a list' Unfortunately the Website originally cited here was unavailable at the time of Review so I have substituted another relevant one from Connecting Wiltshire.

Description from

Wiltshire & Swindon Countryside Access Forum

Visits to the Website835
Views of 'Full' Record1418


'The Wiltshire Geology Group aims to raise public awareness of Earth Sciences and draw people's attention to the way the landscape and the towns and villages within it are influenced by the underlying geology - Wiltshire's landscape is inextricably bound up with the rocks beneath the surface.'

Description from

Wiltshire Geology Group

Visits to the Website563
Views of 'Full' Record1129


'Rights of way are defined routes which you can legally use to cross private land at any time. The four types of routes [Footpaths | Bridleways | Restricted byways | Byways] shown on the map ... are types of rights of way. You can search by entering the following in the location box: Street | Town | Village name | Postcode.'

Description from

Wiltshire Council

Visits to the Website798
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Navigate the Website>>> Walk 14 - Woodford Valley
Distance (miles)8
Starting fromMiddle Woodford

'Explore the Lower Avon valley taking in Old Sarum and Great Durnford on the way back to Middle Woodford.'

Description from

Visit Wiltshire

Visits to the Website862
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  262. Oldham
  263. Orkney Islands
  264. Oxford (City)
  265. Peeblesshire
  266. Pembrokeshire
  267. Pendle
  268. Perthshire
  269. Peterborough
  270. Plymouth
  271. Poole
  272. Portsmouth
  273. Preston
  274. Purbeck
  275. Radnorshire
  276. Reading
  277. Redbridge
  278. Redcar Cleveland
  279. Redditch
  280. Reigate Banstead
  281. Rhondda Cynon Taf
  282. Ribble Valley
  283. Richmond upon Thames
  284. Richmondshire
  285. Rochdale
  286. Rochford
  287. Ross-shire Cromartyshire
  288. Rossendale
  289. Rother (Sussex)
  290. Rotherham
  291. Roxburghshire
  292. Rugby
  293. Runnymede
  294. Rushcliffe
  295. Rushmoor
  296. Rutland
  297. Ryedale
  298. Salford
  299. Salisbury
  300. Sandwell
  301. Scarborough
  302. Sedgemoor
  303. Sefton
  304. Selby
  305. Selkirkshire
  306. Sevenoaks
  307. Sheffield
  308. Shepway
  309. Shetland Islands
  310. Shrewsbury
  311. Slough
  312. Solihull
  313. South Ayrshire
  314. South Bucks
  315. South Cambridgeshire
  316. South Derbyshire
  317. South Gloucestershire
  318. South Hams
  319. South Herefordshire
  320. South Holland
  321. South Kesteven
  322. South Lakeland
  323. South Lanarkshire
  324. South Norfolk
  325. South Northamptonshire
  326. South Oxfordshire
  327. South Ribble
  328. South Shropshire
  329. South Somerset
  330. South Staffordshire
  331. South Tyneside
  332. Southampton
  333. Southend-on-Sea
  334. Southwark
  335. Spelthorne
  336. St Albans
  337. St Edmundsbury
  338. St Helens
  339. Stafford (Borough)
  340. Staffordshire Moorlands
  341. Stevenage
  342. Stirling
  343. Stockport
  344. Stockton-on-Tees
  345. Stoke-on-Trent
  346. Stratford-on-Avon
  347. Stroud
  348. Suffolk Coastal
  349. Sunderland
  350. Surrey Heath
  351. Sutherland
  352. Sutton
  353. Swale
  354. Swansea
  355. Swindon
  356. Tameside
  357. Tamworth
  358. Tandridge
  359. Taunton Deane
  360. Teignbridge
  361. Telford Wrekin
  362. Tendring
  363. Test Valley
  364. Tewkesbury
  365. Thanet
  366. The Scottish Borders
  367. The Vale of Glamorgan
  368. Three Rivers
  369. Thurrock
  370. Tonbridge Malling
  371. Torbay
  372. Torfaen
  373. Torridge
  374. Tower Hamlets
  375. Trafford
  376. Tunbridge Wells
  377. Tynedale
  378. Uttlesford
  379. Vale of White Horse
  380. Wakefield
  381. Walsall
  382. Waltham Forest
  383. Wandsworth
  384. Warrington
  385. Warwick (District)
  386. Watford
  387. Waveney
  388. Waverley
  389. Wealden
  390. Wellingborough
  391. Welwyn Hatfield
  392. West Berkshire
  393. West Cornwall
  394. West Devon
  395. West Dorset
  396. West Dunbartonshire
  397. West Lancashire
  398. West Lindsey
  399. West Lothian
  400. West Oxfordshire
  401. West Somerset
  402. West Wiltshire
  403. Westminster
  404. Weymouth Portland
  405. Wigan
  406. Wigtownshire
  407. Winchester
  408. Windsor Maidenhead
  409. Wirral
  410. Woking (Surrey)
  411. Wokingham
  412. Wolverhampton
  413. Worcester
  414. Wrexham
  415. Wychavon
  416. Wycombe
  417. Wyre (Lancashire)
  418. Wyre Forest
  419. York (City)

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