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- Walking for Health - St Helens


'Walking (or rambling) is Britain's most popular pastime, and is a perfect way of discovering the countryside. So whether you already enjoy walking in our countryside or you are new to walking, this may be the group for you. We offer a varied programme of Saturday and Sunday walks in the north of England and Wales, and on many of these a private coach is organised to get you there and back.'

Distance (miles)9

'St. Helens’ attractive landscape and topography means that there are a number of excellent walks throughout the Borough ...' One of Five Trails produced by the Ranger Service, the other four of which 'are being updated and undergoing a makeover'.

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St. Helens Council

Distance (miles)72

'This series of short walks, which form the 70 mile route of The Lancashire Trail, will take you on a picturesque tour of Lancashire through areas of beautiful countryside with meandering streams and leafy lanes. There are hidden pastures, reservoirs, canal towpaths and woodlands of this beautiful Shire-County to explore, with stunning views over Lancashire and the Cheshire Plain, culminating in a gradual climb to Pendle Hill with unsurpassed scenery all round.'

'There is a link with the Pennine Way at Thornton-in-Craven, to the Ribble Way at Sawley, and a link path to the Sandstone Trail at Frodsham Hill.'

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Walking Pages

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The Lancashire Trail by Brian Smailes (Challenge Publications, 2003)

Distance (miles)4

'Many people confuse the St Helens Canal with the Sankey Brook, which is quite understandable as the canal does run parallel to the line of the brook; indeed it once provided water for the canal. Another source of water was the Carr Mill Dam which nowadays offers a magnificent haven for wildlife and waterfowl.'

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