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*Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park
Size (acreage)31

'Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, a Local Nature Reserve is a unique site in London's Zone 2 and well worth a visit. As a closed cemetery and one of the Victorian "Magnificent Seven" it contains a wealth of beautiful, ornately carved monuments in sandstone, granite, and even Italian white marble with fascinating stories of the lives of those interred.'

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Tower Hamlets Council

*Tower Hamlets Council

'There are a range of walks available in Tower Hamlets, from shorter health walks to cultural walks and guided walks. Each leaflet traces routes through historic parts of the borough, taking in a myriad of buildings and landmarks of interest on the way.'

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Limehouse Cut Canal Walk
Distance (miles)2

'The Limehouse Cut was the first navigable canal to be dug in London and provides a pleasant and interesting green walk between Limehouse Basin in the west and the River Lea to the east ... The walk is about 2.5 kilometres in length to the Lea Navigation at Bow Locks and 3 kilometres in length to Three Mills.'

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Hugo Marchant

Victoria Park Memoryscape Trail
Distance (miles)2

'Will take you on a historical tour around Victoria Park, where you can listen to memories from local park users and learn about the park's past and how it's changed over nearly 170 years – from the beautiful Burdett-Coutts drinking fountain donated by one of the richest women in the country, to the ever watchful Dogs of Alcibiades statues, mysteriously said to rescue canal users in trouble!'

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Tower Hamlets Council

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