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The Category Walkers are Welcome is a subset of Visitor Organizations in the UK.


A number of Walkers Are Welcome Entities which do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Paths and Trails' are referenced in the KEY Entries of the relevant Sections of the EXPLORE categorization. Clicking on a Title of interest therein should link you to the external Website (or Facebook Page) for the chosen Entity.

As an alternative, details of an Entity of interest which does not have a Record in OPT can, of course, be found simply by accessing the Website of the parent Walkers are Welcome organization.


'Nationwide initiative launched in 2007 to encourage towns and villages to be "welcoming to walkers". The network has expanded rapidly and there are now over 100 locations across the UK that have joined this innovative community-led scheme to benefit from Walkers are Welcome accreditation.'

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