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The Category Waltham Forest is a subset of London (East).


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- Waltham Forest U3A


'Membership stands at just below 800 and we provide four led walks per week, two at weekends and two mid-week. Two of these walks are half-day (4 or 5 miles) and two all-day (8 to 14 miles, 10 miles the norm). The typical attendance of a walk is 20 members and we usually have a lunchtime pub stop of 45 minutes, plus short morning and afternoon breaks for tea or coffee.'


Download from the Website PDFs of six walks, two from the Society's 'History Walks' series, four from their 'Wanstead Flats History Walks'.

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Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society


'David Beckham was born and grew up in Waltham Forest and is one of the greatest sportsmen of this generation. The Beckham Trail has been created to offer people the chance to trace his childhood steps, detailing the landmarks that moulded the early years of his life in Waltham Forest.' Unfortunately details of the 'Beckham Trail' as such seem no longer to be online; so I have replaced the Link with a more generic one.

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Enjoy Waltham Forest


'There are ten individual reservoirs that make up Walthamstow Reservoir, some of them are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as they have rich bird habitat and terrestrial fauna. It is internationally recognised for the diverse range of birds that it attracts.'

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Thames Water

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