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'Horsell Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest ... It includes a Muslim Burial Ground and a number of Bronze Age barrows and protected heathland. The common has thousands of trees. There are parts of the common all over Horsell, isolated from the rest of the common by roads. The common is popular with people from Horsell and Woking Borough. There is a large amount of wildlife on the common.'

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'A diverse group of individuals who enjoy walking through the countryside observing, appreciating and discussing a wide range of topics. Naturally we don't all agree but the pair ahead or behind (delayed by the last stile) will be discussing something different (or nothing at all) and over several miles of Surrey terrain the variety can be enormous.'

Distance (miles)10

Circular walk taking in Brookwood Cemetery: 'Also known as the <i>London Necropolis</i>, is a burial ground in Brookwood, Surrey, England. It is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe.' [Wikipedia 4 December 2013]

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Graham Pearcey

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