Primarily an easily browsable inventory of over 2,000 named paths, trails and related walks and ways described by nature agencies, heritage organizations, walking groups, tourism bodies, local authorities, walking enthusiasts and so on. Each entry is allocated to the relevant UK country, English region, historic county or local government district/unitary authority.

I have indexed the START - I emphasize 'start' - of each specific Walk (or related groups of walks) within its CURRENT UK Local Government District or Unitary Authority Area (with a few tweeks here and there), as well as tried to pinpoint the start location within a simple Google map. In a Walk Record's 'Overview' - where the text is almost always copied and pasted from the cited Website and placed in 'single quotes' (as is virtually all the other text in each Record) - I do not try to do more than provide the briefest details of the route etc of specific walk(s) the relevant Website is concerned with. I aim only to cite Websites which give good - often naturally exceptionally good - descriptions of a Walk's route. More importantly, the vast majority of the Walks I have not actually walked myself !

I anticipate you using my Website productively to BROWSE through and around a Category or Categories of interest - including using the many hyperlinks I have embedded throughout the Directory; rather than using it to find the Website of a specific walk or organization whose title you already know.  Discovering the URLs of already known Websites can usually be done speedily and comprehensively via one of the generic search engines. However, naturally I provide a simple Site Search Box which you could try if you are not finding what you need or would like via a search engine or by browsing my Directory: see How to Search for a list of the Fields within each Record which are matched with text placed in the Box. (There is also an Advanced Search facility.)

There a few other I trust useful or at least interesting features of the Directory - such as where there are choices my sometimes referencing some of the less well-known walk-describing Websites, rather than always deferring to the most heavily cited and popular Sites. Some further details of what is here should be gleaned from the Glossary


* I am NOT responsible for the content of the Websites whose URLs I cite

* This is NOT a commercial service and no guarantees express or implicit are offered



Ray Lester graduated in Chemistry and took a PhD in Chemical Pathology. He worked for the multinational company Unilever as an information scientist/systems analyst, then as a Librarian at the University of Bradford, University College London, Queen Elizabeth College, and the London Business School - where he spent 15 years, eventually becoming Director of Information Systems in charge of its library, computing and networking systems. He then decided to move back into science for the last 6 years of his working life, taking a similar job at The Natural History Museum. He retired in 2002, subsequently being Editor-in-Chief for two volumes of a reference work The New Walford.

Ray has created and maintains this Website simply as an interesting challenge - and because he likes walking ! This is a personal interest website - as is a similar Website set-up a few years ago: Open Lectures and Talks.

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