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* British Walking Federation

'The British Walking Federation's member clubs organise events designed for people of all ages and abilities.  You don't have to be a member of a club to take part, all you need to do is come to an event and register and take the opportunity to have fun, make friends.'

*Amesbury Walkers

'Series walks are designed so that they may be completed at your own pace.  We do not all go out together in one big group but each walker has a copy of the route and is able to start at any time and walk at their own speed.  This has the advantage that quicker walkers are not held up by a slower pace, and vice-versa.  It does not mean that walkers go off by themselves as there is always a group that will walk at your own pace.'

*Capital Trails Walking Club

'As the name implies this club runs I.V.V. accredited permanent trails (year rounds) in the capital cities of England Wales and Scotland: [1] Westminster . . . : [2] Cardiff - - - : [3] Edinburgh City - - - : [4] Edinburgh Britannia ... All city trails are easily accessible by public transport, they all either start and finish at a rail or Underground station which have good week and week-end services.'

*Havac Walkers

'We organise seven winter walks, offering a distance of 10k or 20k. These are held on the first Sunday during the winter, beginning in October ... We also organise seven summer walks, which are held on a Monday evening. These are 10k , and are held every other Monday beginning in late May ... Walks are within a radius of 25 miles of Haverhill ... You can walk with a group, or on your own ... There is no better way to see the countryside, and to keep healthy.'

*Ise Valley Vagabonds Walking Club

'We are a UK walking club based at Wellingborough, in Northamptonshire ... We support and assist with the England IML International "Waendel Walk" in May each year which is also based in Wellingborough ... The organisation is a member of the British Walking Federation (BWF) and, through this, a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV).'

*Lincolnshire Vikings Walking Club

'Series Events are walks on either a Sunday morning or Summer Tuesday/Wednesday evening with a published start time. You can walk either independently or as part of a group.'.

'Permanent Trails are walk routes which you can walk at any time of the year ... If you are downloading to walk at a later date, please remember to check if an updated route description is available before setting out ... '.

*Rockingham Forest Walkers

'We are a Northamptonshire (UK) based walking club of the British Walking Federation (BWF) and we aim to promote walking as a friendly and healthy pastime for all ages. All of our walks are based on countryside public footpaths, bridleways and quiet lanes, some walks may be muddy during adverse British weather conditions.

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*Waendel Walkers' Club

'Formed in 1981 and became the first club to join the BWF (IVV). We are the most active club in the Federation. All walks are registered with the BWF(IVV) and on completing an event you can claim a stamp towards the IVV Award Scheme.'

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