Gainsborough Trail

'The 3.5 mile (5 km) Meadow Walk features Sudbury’s ancient water meadows, which, having never been ploughed to grow arable crops or treated with chemical fertilisers, are a rich source of biodiversity for a wide variety of wild flowers, insects, birds and mammals. The meadows are carefully managed by the Sudbury Common Lands Charity who continue the old tradition of summer cattle grazing. Along the route you will also discover remnants of Sudbury’s industrial heritage and stunning views that vary throughout the seasons.'

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Sudbury, East of England, Babergh
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'Welcome to the Meadow Walk [3.5 miles] the first section of the Gainsborough Trail, named after the famous painter Thomas Gainsborough, an approximate 12.4 miles continuous walkable route which will eventually encompass the whole of the Sudbury area, giving access to the best of the countryside in Sudbury, Great Cornard, Chilton and beyond.' ALERT Now Linking to a Website for the Gainsborough Trail itself.

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