Shuttle Riverway

'The alder woods along the banks of the Rivers Shuttle and Cray are amongst the best in London. Alder prefer to live in wet places and their fine root systems penetrate well below the water level preventing bank erosion by holding the soil together.'

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Distance (miles)
Starting from
Avery Hill Park, London, Bexley
Type of Walk

'Signposted walk along the River Shuttle, a small tributary of the River Cray, which it joins at Hall Place near Bexley. The walk then joins the Cray Riverway, which follows the Cray through to the Darent at Crayford Marshes and through the marshes to the Thames.' ALERT I could no longer find the description of this Walk on the re-engineered Bexley Council Website; so I have cited the description from Annierak instead.