Centenary Way [Warwickshire]

A total of 86 miles of the Warwickshire Centenary Way are described by iFootpath in seven Sections (Day 1 till Day 7: September - October 2012). The description by Matthew Walton is much older (2001) but is of a total of 92.4 miles in Eight Days. The 1996 printed guide is out of print but a copy might be found second-hand (or of course through your local Library).

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Kingsbury Water Park, , North Warwickshire

'Warwickshire's Centenary Way was established by the Council in 1989 to celebrate its 100th anniversary ... This 100 mile Path starts at Kingsbury Water Park in the north of the county and winds its way down to Upper Quinton on the Gloucestershire border. The route can be followed on Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps.'

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Warwickshire's Centenary Way Geoff Allen and John Roberts (Walkways, 1996)

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