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'The Site is structured on the basis that each LDP has one or more publications available each from its own supplier. Publications include paper publications, maps, websites and downloads. For simplicity we list only one supplier for each publication ... As websites can be accessed directly online, we do not always list details of the custodians of the sites (i.e. their suppliers). Suppliers include publishers of books and leaflets and providers of services such as baggage support on LDPs.'

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'The LDWA is the only organisation to have collated the details of every known long distance path in the UK ... What constitutes a "long distance"? We list as "main routes" on this site walking routes that are 20 miles or more in length and are mainly off-road. Some shorter routes are also covered as main routes where they have some strategic significance, such as linking two other main routes, or if they are the only routes available in an area. We also list local networks promoted as a whole, providing long distance options when linked.'

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