Elie Chainwalk

'... Created in the 1920s by a group of enterprising locals, it is the only trail in Scotland to utilise fixed chains and posts, a feature more common on Continental mountain ranges like the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites. They provide access to a fascinating stretch of the Fife coastline, one littered with secret coves and caves, all with a story to tell.

'Although the walk is connected to the town of Elie by name, it is geographically closer to the neighbouring royal burgh of Earlsferry, the older of the two communities. There appears to be no right or wrong way to do the chain walk; some traditionally start at the east end, others at the west. But all chain walkers must check the tides before setting out. The route is immersed at high water and can only be safely completed when the sea is out, or at least receding.'

Starting from
Earlsferry, , Fife
Type of Walk

'To call the Elie Chainwalk a walk is not strictly accurate; it is more of a scramble, requiring a healthy spirit of adventure, a good measure of agility and a strong head for heights ...'

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