Droitwich to Worcester and the Severn Walk

This is a perfect one-way waterway walk - take the train from Worcester to Droitwich, then walk back at your leisure. The views are delightfully varied, from quiet pastures to the impressive bulk of Worcester Cathedral. The route is rich in wildlife, both in the canal's reed beds and in the parallel River Salwarpe, where otters have been sighted.'

Distance (miles)
Starting from
Droitwich Spa, , Wychavon
Type of Walk

'A rewarding and varied walk following Britain's longest river and one of its earliest canals. This walk takes in almost the entire length of the Droitwich Barge Canal, one of canal pioneer James Brindley's earliest works. It then follows the mighty River Severn on its way into Worcester, approaching the city on the little-walked east bank.'

Note from the Canal & River Trust: 'We’ve previously hosted the details of a number of different walking and cycling routes. However, when we looked at them closely we weren’t convinced that all of our routes were completely accurate. We don’t want you to get lost trying to follow one of our routes and so we have removed them for now. We would like to add them back onto our website for everyone to enjoy. If you think you could spare the time to go and check one of our old routes, make sure the distance is correct and fill us in on the best parking spots and transport links then please email us ... In the meantime you can find some great canal and river walking routes at iFootpath ...'

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