Wayfarer's Walk

'Start - Inkpen Beacon - Burghclere - North Oakley - Deane - Dummer - Brown Candover - New Alresford - Cheriton - Droxford - Hambledon - Denmead - Bedhampton - Emsworth - End.'

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Inkpen Beacon, , West Berkshire

'Walking on footpaths and tracks is the best way to enjoy Hampshire's lovely and diverse countryside. The Victorian nature writer Richard Jefferies pointed out, long before our dependence on the motor car, that "They only know a country who are acquainted with its footpaths. By the roads, indeed, the outside may be seen; but the footpaths go through the heart of the land". The Wayfarers Walk will take you into the heart of Hampshire - It traverses the eastern and northern parts of the County only, but still provides a fine selection of the coastline, woodlands, gentle rolling hills and rich green valleys for which Hampshire is renowned.'

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