Hadrian's Coastal Route

'Hadrian's Wall ... ran south along the Cumbrian coast from Bowness on Solway - the terminus of Hadrian’s Wall - to Maryport, a formal system of watchtowers, forts and ditches topped with a palisade, constructed around 122AD. Beyond Maryport, it was considered by academics and archaeologists alike that the frontier was merely a series of forts without additional formal defence, for a stretch of coast of 35 miles to Ravenglass.

'Archaeologist Clifford "Indiana" Jones didn’t agree: from surveying the landscape over twenty two years ago, he was convinced that there was a continuation of the Roman defences to Ravenglass and research by Jones and his volunteers supports this idea. Walkers are invited to see the evidence for themselves following Jones' illustrated guidebook.'

Distance (miles)
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Ravenglass, North West England, Copeland
Type of Walk

'A walk along the little-known western coastal Hadrianic frontier based upon the thesis that the Roman defences extended south beyond Maryport as far as Ravenglass, with its Roman Fort - Glannoventa.'

Clifford Jones is the originator of the thesis and 'writes walking guides about Roman routes in the area. His first book, Hadrian's Coastal Route is published elsewhere. The second, Eastern Hadrianic Way, is published by BJAP [Buckland Jones Archaeological Press]'.

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