Oldham 'Wednesday Walkers' Anniversary Walks

'The Wednesday Walkers were formed in April 1986. The circumstances regarding the formation are interesting and demonstrate how successful ventures often start from the most humble of beginnings. Newly retired Ida Ashworth decided she would like to join a walking group so she contacted the Oldham Community Centre, where she knew walking groups were based. She was informed that indeed walking groups were based there functioning on Tuesdays and Thursdays but both groups were full and not accepting new members. A suggestion was made that she leave a notice at the centre and form a new group to walk on Wednesdays. This she did and thus a small group ventured forth facing the unknown ...'


'To celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary we published a book containing 25 of our favourite walks. We have now decided to publish these walks on our web site so they will be available for all to enjoy ... If you have enjoyed one or more of these walks why not show your appreciation by making a donation to Oldham Mountain Rescue ?'

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