Luton Hat Trail

'Trail 1 — the Bute Street area — is about a half-mile walk lying south of the railway. It houses a concentration of hat factories and workshops, which were often large and sometimes of considerable architectural distinction. This trail lies within the Plaiters’ Lea conservation area.

'Trail 2 — the High Town / Old Bedford Road area — lies north of the railway and is roughly a mile long. It covers a more dispersed area and includes the domestic side of the industry (modest scale workshops attached to houses). Part of this trail includes an older part of Luton, the High Town Road conservation area.'

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Starting from
The Hat Factory, Bute Street, East of England, Luton

''Comprises two different tours of the town for you to choose from. Both are designed to cover the most intact parts of the remaining historic hatting districts of Luton, each with their own architecture and character that are linked together by the hat trade of the 19th and 20th centuries.'

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