Aber Valley Heritage Trail

'Despite this the spirit of the valley has always remained strong and it's this strength that has enabled the Aber Valley to overcome difficult times. It's this strength that has enable the local communities to be at the forefront of a series of regeneration projects in the area over recent years.'

Distance (miles)
Starting from
Aber Valley, South Wales, Caerphilly

'The Aber Valley, which was originally part of Glamorgan, but now in its post-mining era is part of the County Borough of Caerphilly, is made up of Abertridwr village and the more northerly village of Senghenydd both original mining communities with an extensive history of events that made the Valley what it is today. The valley has subsequently been in decline since the closure of the pits, the major employer in the area for over a century. This has continued, exacerbated by the economic decline within the valley itself ...'