Sussex Diamond Way

'The introduction to the guide explains that "because the path traverses the Low Weald there are no difficult or dramatic ascents but there is sufficient undulation to provide some magnificent views" ... The route passes through heathland, arable and dairy farmland and woodland ... The Sussex Diamond Way is very pleasant, gentle walk through classic low weald countryside. It's well worth walking, but it would not be the top of my list if recommending a long distance path to someone who hadn't walked much in the territory.'

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Midhurst, South East England, Chichester

Midhurst to Heathfield: 'Devised by the Sussex Area of the Ramblers' Association to mark the 60th anniversary (1995) of the Ramblers' Association'

The Sussex Diamond Way: The Book of the 60 Mile Walk (Brighton: Ramblers' Association, 1997) - but you might have difficulty finding a copy

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