*Belvoir Park Forest

'The forest opened in 1961 and covers 75 hectares along the south bank of the River Lagan. There are a number of historic sites within the forest, including the Norman motte, which dates back to the 12th century. The estate was enclosed by the Hills, a plantation family, around the 1740s. They built a house where the car park is now and the existing buildings, which date from the same era, were farm buildings belonging to the estate. The Ice House, built into the side of the motte also dates from this time.'

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Belvoir Park Forest, South East N. Ireland, Lisburn Castlereagh
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'Belvoir Park Forest is a working forest within a city. It is a vibrant forest with a variety of wildlife and a range of tree specimens within easy reach of Belfast's outer ring road ... There are several way marked trails, starting and finishing at the forest car park.'

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