Bolton Rotary Way Footpath

'The walk is just over 50 miles around the boundaries of Bolton and is broken down into eight more manageable stages, each starting and finishing on a bus route. Indeed, getting the bus would be sensible since the stages are all linear and hence do not finish at the start point!'

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Affetside Millenium Green, North West England, Bolton

'The Rotary Way Footpath was established in 2005 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the Rotary Club ... If you plan to do the whole route (and indeed even if you only wish to do some of it), you may find the Rotary Way booklet to be very useful, with detailed breakdowns of each stage (although be warned – some of the bus numbers and routes are a little out of date!) and sketch maps to help you on your way. If you wish to get your copy, get in touch with the Westhoughton Branch of the Rotary Club using the "contact us" form on their website and enquire.'

'Links can be made to Blackburn/Darwen via Witton Weavers Way at Jumbles reservoir and to Manchester Bury and Rawtenstall using the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail.'

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