Leyland Walks

The Inner Circle 'This 2 ½ mile walk will take you around the old centre of Leyland, from the village cross along the lanes that have developed in the last hundred years from field paths and country lanes into the urban landscape we know today'

The Outer Circle 'This 5-mile walk leads round the outskirts of the old village along the old lanes. Most of these are now busy main roads, though in the case of Back Lane, care of the Faringtons influence, it has been kept in its country lane appearance.'   

Starting from
Leyland, North West England, South Ribble
Type of Walk

Two walks based on the (out-of-print) book "Through the Lanes of Leyland": 'The book attempted to cover most parts of Leyland by taking two walks through the old country lanes of the village that now make up the main thoroughfares of the town'.

Description from

Peter Houghton and Leyland Historical Society