Harthill with Woodall Parish Walks

Download PDFs of Walks from the Website: [1] Harthill Ponds Walk - - - : [2] Five Fields Walk - - - : [3] Harthill & Cuckoo Way Walk - - - : [4] Loscar Common Plantations Walk - - - : [5] Woodall Walk

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Harthill with Woodhall, , Rotherham

Rotherham Parish & Town Councils 'Modern Parish Councils were developed under the Local Government Act of 1894 where for the first time the Church was excluded from formal participation in local government. There are 8700 Parish Councils across England covering 15 million people and the numbers are increasing particularly in Urban areas. Currently there are 30 Parish and Town Councils in Rotherham of which three are classed as Parish Meetings. Nearly half of Rotherham's population live in a Parished area.'

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