*Burrator Parish Council

Each of the Walks is about 5 miles: [1] Meavy to Dewerstone Rock Circuit - - - : [2] Meavy to Ringmoor Down Circuit - - - : [3] Cadover to Dewerstone Circuit - - - : [4] Norsworthy Bridge Circuit

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Parish of Burrator, South West England, West Devon

'Here, we have detailed a few walks that have been walked by Parish Councillors over the years ... Burrator is one of the largest and most sparsely populated Parished in England, over 5945 hectares. Ancient manors and hamlets are found at Hoo Meavy, Meavy Barton, Goodameavy, Lovaton and Welltown. There are four larger settlements within the Parish: Meavy, Sheepstor, Dousland and Walkhampton.'