Canvey Island Walk

'Reaching the car I had walked 14.8 miles. I had found parts of this walk on the landward side of the island rather dull however it had been nice to be able to walk all around the island and it had been very interesting passing the oil storage tanks and jetties and the wilderness of the never built Occidental Oil refinery with its long jetty stretching out to the Thames.'

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Canvey Island, East of England, Castle Point
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'I did this walk on Sunday 23rd September 2007. I had been going to walk along the Medway Valley from Strood to Maidstone but I had got up a bit too late (again) to get a suitable train and thus drove to Canvey Island instead to continue my series of walks on the Essex coast. It was a fine day with plenty of sunshine and felt quite warm for the time of the year despite a fairly strong breeze ... '

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