Cotswold Round

'We raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support ... by encouraging walkers to obtain sponsorship from friends, relations and work colleagues and also from profit on our publications. So far well over £350,000 has been raised ... Sponsors forms are available from us by e-mail ... '

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Banbury Cross, South East England, Cherwell
Type of Walk

'The Macmillan Cross Cotswold Pathway is largely based on the Cotswold section of the Macmillan Way, but starting from Banbury and ending at Bath. We have also developed a route between Chipping Camden and Banbury known as The Cotswold Link. This enables walkers to do a Cotswold Round, going from Banbury to Bath on the Cross Cotswold Pathway, from Bath to Chipping Camden on the Cotswold Way and returning to Banbury on the Cotswold Link.'