*Rushcliffe Country Park

'In August 1993 the park was officially handed over to Rushcliffe Borough Council by Nottinghamshire County Council. In fierce controversy the park was named "Rushcliffe Country Park" whilst it had been known locally as "Ruddington Country Park". Objections flooded into the Parish Council ... Many local residents still do not recognise the park by its official name, preferring to use its previous proper title.' [Wikipedia 23 March 2015]

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Rushcliffe Country Park, East Midlands, Rushcliffe
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'Set in the beautiful countryside about half a mile south of Ruddington, Rushcliffe Country Park is an ideal place to get away from it all. With a network of over 8 kilometres of footpaths, grassland, conservation and landscaped areas, the park is excellent for walking, jogging, cycling, spotting wildlife and exercising your dog.'