Clifton and Adderbury Walk

'The walks start and finish at the local stations on this line, and although most include a section of the Oxford Canal, they also explore the attractive villages in this part of north Oxfordshire and west Northamptonshire.'

Distance (miles)
Starting from
King's Sutton Railway Station, , South Northamptonshire

'This is one of a series of walks devised by the Cherwell (Banbury) Group of the Ramblers' Association. They cover the middle and lower reaches of the relatively narrow Cherwell Valley, through which canal and railway interweave their way between Oxford and Banbury ...'

Note from the Canal & River Trust: 'We’ve previously hosted the details of a number of different walking and cycling routes. However, when we looked at them closely we weren’t convinced that all of our routes were completely accurate. We don’t want you to get lost trying to follow one of our routes and so we have removed them for now. We would like to add them back onto our website for everyone to enjoy. If you think you could spare the time to go and check one of our old routes, make sure the distance is correct and fill us in on the best parking spots and transport links then please email us ... In the meantime you can find some great canal and river walking routes at iFootpath ...'

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