Ashby St. Ledgers Path and Canal Towpath Walk

'Ashby St. Ledgers is a small Northamptonshire village which is located north-east of Braunston and is probably most famous as the place where the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was hatched - one of the ringleaders being a staunch Catholic called Robert Catesby who owned the Manor House. The village has quite a few really old and interesting buildings including quite a few picturesque thatched cottages and barns.'

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Ashby St Ledgers, East Midlands, Daventry

'This walk of 17kms/11 miles from Ashby St. Ledgers includes walking along The Jurassic Way, goes via Braunston and then The Grand Union and Leicester Canals towpaths to Norton Jc and returns to Ashby St. Ledgers.'

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