Cumbria Definitive Map

'The Definitive Map and Statement are the legal record of the existence, alignment and status of public rights of way. This means that if there is any dispute, this is the document that is recognised in Court as the legal record. Ordnance Survey maps come to us to find out where the routes are. They show the routes as dashed lines on their maps, which can be bought in local bookshops, tourist information centres, and on-line. The maps are good to use when you are out enjoying the countryside. It is only worth asking to see the Definitive Map if you have a real legal query that needs to be solved.'

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Access to the Illustrative map of public rights of way in Cumbria: You can use the Gazetteer or Zoom in to search for and find the area you are interested in, choose an optimal scale, and then overlay the Public Rights of Way by ticking the box - remembering to 'Apply Changes'.

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