Silurian Way

'The ultimate Grizedale walk, this trail takes you down one side of the Grizedale valley and back up the other, passing many of the sculptures along the way, as well as some of the best views in the forest. It includes the summit of Carron Crag, the highest point in the forest ... This trail is named after the geological time period in which the forests characteristic grey slate and shale rocks were formed.'

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Grizedale Forest Park, North West England, Eden
Type of Walk

'Grizedale Forest is famous for its outdoor sculptures. Since 1977 leading international artists have created sculpture in response to Grizedale Forest's unique environment, establishing the first collection of site-specific art in the UK. Now around 40 sited artworks are located across the forest, linked by the network of walking and cycling trails. The sculptures provide moments of contemplation and a special way of navigating this extraordinary landscape.'

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