Herring Road Path

'It should be noted that the section that goes through Crystal Rig windfarm has become dificult to follow and good navigation is required to continue on the historic track.'

Distance (miles)
Longer distance range
Starting from
Dunbar, , East Lothian

'Used in the 18th and 19th centuries when the herring industry was strong.  It was used by people bringing home a stock of salted herring for winter use and also by fishwives carrying huge creels of herring from Dunbar to the markets in Lauder ... Gradually the speed and ease of the railway lines left little need for people to carry huge weights of fish over this high pass and it fell out of use.  It is probably a long time since a herring has passed by this way. Another historic route similarly used for the trade in fish is the Buckie Fishwives Path, Moray.'

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